"No Good Reason"
SVU, Episode 19.04
Production number: 19004
First aired: 18 October 2017
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Written By
Julie Martin & Brianna Yellen

Directed By
Martha Mitchell


The Special Victims Unit work to locate a missing teenager that was a recent victim of sexual cyberbullying.


The Special Victims Unit is called in to investigate the sudden disappearance of a high school student. They soon discover that she was the victim of a nasty cyberbullying attack from her fellow peers and best friend. When she is finally found, she claims that she was raped by three boys from her school at a party, one of them being one of her best friends. The case goes well, until the victim becomes reluctant to testify, due to hatred and bullying from her peers, and Benson must convince her to testify.

Meanwhile, Sheila Porter attempts to challenge Benson's parenting skills as a mother, which infuriates Benson.


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Olivia: Kids have always been cruel, but when did they become cowards?
Rollins: Since the invention of the Internet.
Olivia: What kind of world are our kids going to grow up...
Rollins: I don't... just whatever we think we're gonna have to worry about, it's not gonna be that. It's gonna be something we never saw coming.

Rollins [to Mandy Fowler] You know, it might feel good to take control. You know, you can keep a promise to yourself that if it does get bad, you could always do something about it.
Mandy Fowler: You don't know how I feel.
Rollins: I know more than you think. You know I told you my name was Amanda, too. Well, when I was your age, I lived in a tiny town in Georgia and everybody gossiped. And I did something stupid and I got a reputation. And it's all about the names that they were calling me: "Easy Ass Amanda" and worse. It took a long time and I realized what other people said about me, it didn't define me. Only I can define me. And when I was old enough, I went and got this. [shows Mandy a tattoo that has her name on on it] It's my name, Amanda. Just to remind myself that's who I am, not any of these other names that I was branded with.

Carisi [to Andrew Drake] Listen, Andrew. I've been doing this a long time and I don't ask questions I don't already know the answers to.

Barba: So one of these boys is guilty. It's like playing three card monte.
Olivia: Yeah.
Barba: Who has the most to lose?
Olivia: I'd say the kid who took the picture of a half-naked 15-year old girl and texted them to everyone in the school.

Mandy Fowler: [to her classmates] I'm a survivor of sexual assault. I felt broken. I was sad, angry, but then what came after the bullying, I felt like I was underwater, drowning. And I want you to know, what you say, what you say to each other, it hurts. It has consequences.

Background Information and Notes

  • The episode is inspired by the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why", with the plot similar to the first season.

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Home of
Denise and Andrew Drake
176 West 89th Street
Monday, October 16

50 Hill Street
Newark, New Jersey
Monday, October 16

Wollman High School
651 Amsterdam Avenue
Tuesday, October 17

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Office of
the District Attorney
1 Hogan Place
Tuesday, October 17

Supreme Court
Part 27
Wednesday, October 18

Wollman High School
651 Amsterdam Avenue
Wednesday, October 18

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