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Noah Porter-Benson is the biological son of the late Ellie Porter and the late Johnny Drake. His adoptive mother is Olivia Benson.


He was conceived when Johnny D. raped Ellie before selling her off. At the time, Ellie was unaware of who fathered her child and gave birth to Noah while working for Little Tino, who let her keep the baby as long as she kept working. When she accidentally overdosed, Tino sold Noah to a child pornography producer couple. When Ellie recovered, Tino told her that Noah was dead and she never filed a missing persons report as a result.

On the L&O Franchise


Noah was discovered January 22, 2014, by Sergeant Benson and Detective Rollins in the motel room of child pornographers Alexa and Roger Pearson, who were on the run. After a few days of media coverage on all of the children at the Pearsons' house, no one showed up to claim him, and he was called "Baby Boy Doe" because no one knew his real name. (SVU: "Wednesday's Child")

He was eventually placed in foster care but suffered from an untreated viral infection in his first foster home. That, coupled with the fact that the foster parents already had two other babies in their care, resulted in him being removed from their custody immediately. (SVU: "Downloaded Child")

He later went through three different foster homes, and at his fourth, the mother filed for a separation and the father had suffered from some sort of relapse. He was removed from their custody and put back into the system. After it was discovered that Baby Boy Doe's mother was named Ellie Porter, they finally learned that his name is Noah. After the truth was revealed to Ellie, she prepared to testify against her pimp and get herself clean so she could regain custody of Noah. Unfortunately, Ellie snuck out of the group home she was staying at to get high. As she was scoring, she was gang-raped and burned to death. Noah became a Ward of the State again, but Ellie's attorney Trevor Langan appeared to represent Noah's interests in Ellie's memory. Judge Ruth Linden then noticed Olivia taking a consistent interest in the child’s well-being and granted Olivia temporary custody of Noah as she worked on finding Ellie's killers. She also decides that within a year Olivia can choose whether she wanted to formally adopt Noah. At the end, Noah was given to Olivia who held him affectionately.(SVU: "Spring Awakening")

He was seen living with Olivia and she hired a nanny named Lucy Huston to help take care of him. He was later targeted as a part of a set of hits connected to his mother's case, but he managed to escape unharmed with Lucy. When all of the people involved in his birth mother's death were caught or killed, Olivia returned home and was seen further bonding with Noah. (SVU: "Girls Disappeared")

He continued living with Olivia and was shown being taken care of on a daily basis. He was later rushed to the ER for severe respiratory distress. (SVU: "Producer's Backend")

It was discovered that he was suffering from the flu, but the ER doctors discovered old rib fractures and wanted to run some additional tests assuring Olivia that they didn't think she was responsible. Noah's case worker Chantal Jackson, however, insinuated Olivia was responsible once she was notified and voiced her contempt for leaving Noah in the hospital, even though she had a family friend watching him until she could return to his side. Olivia returned to the hospital and holds and kisses Noah after he is better. (SVU: "Holden's Manifesto")

Olivia and Amaro were later pushing Noah on a swing set while they got information on a case in Chicago. (SVU: "Chicago Crossover")

Chantal later decided to file a motion for Noah to be removed from Olivia's care, despite the case worker's previous negligence in Noah's numerous placements. Noah was being held by Olivia as both sides made their cases. In the end, the judge decided to allow Olivia to keep Noah, but warned her that she must make Noah a priority over her work. (SVU: "Pattern Seventeen")

Olivia had Noah in her office while she was on the phone with ADA Barba. She later hung up with him to look after Noah. (SVU: "Agent Provocateur")

Noah was seen in Olivia's apartment as she was getting dressed for an undercover assignment. She left Noah in Lucy's hands yet again. When the assignment was concluded, she returned home and read Noah a story while she let him help turn the pages. Soon after, Olivia received a visit from Melinda Warner, who informed her that the sex trafficker they arrested that day was Noah's biological father, Johnny Drake. (SVU: "Undercover Mother")

Noah was again seen in Olivia's arms as she let Barba in so Olivia could discuss Noah's situation. Olivia told Barba about Drake's status as Noah's birth father after she got confirmation that he was still imprisoned. At this point, the conversation became hypothetical, and Barba advised her that it was not exculpatory and he never had to know. (SVU: "December Solstice")

Olivia and Noah were seen at home when Skip Peterson's report on the gang-rape of a girl named Jane aired. (SVU: "Devastating Story")

Olivia later took Noah to see Dr. Celia Lee for his immunizations. While in the waiting room, they sat next to Gabriel Dole and his mother Colleen and they briefly talked. Lee later discovered that Noah may have been exposed to measles and called Olivia over immediately. Lee decided to have Noah quarantined for everyone's safety and Olivia took him home. When Lucy noticed he was having a very hard time breathing, Olivia rushed Noah to the hospital, where Lee immediately took Noah in to be treated. Noah started showing signs of a severe measles infection and everyone became worried for Noah's health. He later developed a respiratory infection, prompting Lee to start him on antibiotics to fight the infection and later think about conducting a spinal tap. They later decided against it, after which Noah was seen in the ICU recovering, with Olivia being able to take him home in a couple of days. (SVU: "Granting Immunity")

Noah was later taken by Olivia to a Unitarian dedication ceremony, which was attended by Detectives Amaro, Rollins, and Carisi. Noah was officially welcomed into the world and Olivia expressed her hope that his life was filled with love, joy, and truth. (SVU: "Perverted Justice")

Noah is later dropped off at a daycare facility for the first time and cried when Olivia started to leave. Even as she said goodbye lovingly, he continued to cry as she left. (SVU: "Parents' Nightmare")

As Chantal was conducting a home inspection, Noah was tucked in Olivia's arm as she and her lawyer, Trevor Langan, informed Chantal of all his developments. After Chantal said she will recommend Olivia retain custody of Noah and left, Olivia had a change of heart about withholding the name of Noah's biological father and listed it as Johnny Drake. Drake was later notified of Noah's existence and with help of his attorney attempted to use this to portray Olivia as a cop with a vendetta against the former and later file for custody of Noah. After Drake was killed in a gunfight, Olivia went home after visiting Amaro in the hospital, who had been shot by Drake. After a few weeks passed, Olivia was officially allowed to adopt Noah and his name was changed to "Noah Porter-Benson". Olivia and her friends and colleagues celebrated the adoption at her apartment while Olivia held Noah in her arms. (SVU: "Surrendering Noah")

Lucy later took Noah to see Olivia at the precinct and Olivia said goodbye to the both of them. (SVU: "Devil's Dissections")

Olivia brought Noah to Rollins' baby shower and introduced him to Rollins' mother Beth. (SVU: "Maternal Instincts")

Olivia took Noah to the park and briefly lost track of him while distracted by a chatty mother. However, Noah wandered off to play with other toddlers before catching Olivia's attention, much to her relief. Olivia then held him tightly, promising not to lose him again. (SVU: "Melancholy Pursuit")

Before Benson and Rollins were called away to investigate the rape of a young model, Noah was shown spending time with Benson, Rollins, Carisi, and Rollins' daughter Jesse on a carousel. John Munch later babysat Noah for Olivia, having fun with him. Noah and Olivia said goodbye to him after he needed to go. (SVU: "Fashionable Crimes")

Olivia and Ed Tucker walked with Noah in Central Park. (SVU: "Heartfelt Passages")

While enjoying a nice time in the park, Olivia and Noah came across a young boy who pulled out a gun on them. Olivia immediately held Noah close to protect him. (SVU: "Terrorized")

One day, while Olivia was walking Noah to school, she had to answer a call. During this distraction, Noah crossed the road by himself and was almost hit by a passing taxi. However, Olivia grabbed him forcefully, saving him but leaving a bruise. Olivia held Noah while he cried in her arms. When his teacher spotted the bruise, Noah's school became concerned about it and contacted the police, prompting an investigation into Olivia's parenting methods. Olivia was also reminded of how she saved Noah, leading to the bruise. (SVU: "Gone Fishin'")

The charges against Olivia were later dropped, but later on, Noah's grandmother Sheila, who was presumed deceased, was discovered. She met Olivia one night at her apartment. (SVU: "Contrapasso")

Sheila later challenged Olivia for custody of Noah. (SVU: "No Good Reason")

In court, Sheila brought up her concerns about the recent abuse investigation, which infuriated Olivia. Later on, Sheila and Olivia met at a cafe, where Olivia agreed to let Noah meet Sheila and know that she was his grandmother. (SVU: "Complicated")

Sheila later babysat Noah one night instead of Olivia hiring Lucy, which pleased both Noah and Sheila. (SVU: "Unintended Consequences")

While taking Noah shopping for clothes, Sheila went to look at some clothes, turning her back on Noah. When she turned around, Noah was gone from the shop and had been kidnapped. (SVU: "Intent")

Olivia and Sheila searched for Noah. Later the Special Victims Unit discovered that not only was Sheila responsible for Noah's disappearance but that she was planning on taking him away with her. Olivia later found Sheila and Noah in a remote cabin, and SVU arrested Sheila. (SVU: "Gone Baby Gone")

Noah and Olivia got into a fight one night when Noah didn't want to go to bed and he pushed Olivia. Olivia scolded him and sent him to bed. Later, when Olivia told Noah that she still loved him, Noah ignored her. (SVU: "Man Down")

Noah and Olivia later got into another fight when Noah refused to do his homework on a video chat. Olivia told Noah that he was now in the first grade and that he had to do what his teacher gave him, but Noah hung up on her mid-sentence. (SVU: "Accredo")

Noah's bad behavior continued when he refused to eat his dinner. Olivia tried to encourage him to eat, by eating an olive and telling him they can have pizza tomorrow night. Noah tried to eat an olive himself, but spat it out and banged his fists on the table, demanding pizza, which shocked Olivia. (SVU: "Hell's Kitchen")

After Noah played baseball with Peter Stone, Olivia got to the root of his behavioral problems: his friend Jeremy asked Noah at school where his father was, and Noah told him his father was in heaven. He then asked Olivia if his father ever loved him, and Olivia replied that he did, then promised to tell him all about his father. Stone then arrived at Olivia's apartment and invited Noah out to another baseball match. (SVU: "Dear Ben")

After having a drink with rape suspect Rob Miller and picking up Noah from a babysitter, Olivia was pulled over by an officer. Noah asked Olivia if they were speeding, and Olivia denied she was. Noah watched anxiously as the officer talked aggressively to his mother. When Olivia was asked to step out of the car, Noah became upset, but Olivia reassured him and instructed him to stay in the car. Olivia later told Dodds that Noah had trouble sleeping that night and was terrified. (SVU: "Blackout")

Olivia assisted Noah with his homework one night, helping him spell the word "believe". Later on, while having lunch at a cafe with Olivia, Noah noticed Miller, who came over and pointed him out before the latter greeted them. Miller introduced himself to Noah, who shook his hand. He then asked Olivia if they were friends, and Miller replied that they were. (SVU: "Assumptions")

Noah was picked up from school by two officers under the orders of Miller and brought to the SVU precinct. Olivia rang Rollins and told her to keep an eye on Noah, telling her that this was Miller's way of saying he could have access to Noah any time he wanted. (SVU: "End Game")

Noah eventually quit playing baseball, claiming he didn't like it or want to play it anymore, despite having played with Stone in the past. Instead, he joined a dance class, which he found to be his ideal hobby. (SVU: "Down Low In Hell's Kitchen")

Noah attended Billie Rollins' baptism with Olivia, Tutuola, and Carisi. (SVU: "The Burden Of Our Choices")

Noah and Olivia ran into Simon Marsden at the park. Simon said he wished to get to know Noah better, and Olivia agreed to meet him for lunch. However, Simon ultimately did not turn up to lunch with Olivia and Noah, angering Olivia. Eventually, Olivia realized this was because Simon had died. (SVU: "Murdered at a Bad Address")

Noah informed Olivia that he got a part in The Nutcracker and asked her if she wanted to see his solo act. However, Olivia got a call from Rollins saying that she was being held captive and Olivia had to hang up on Noah. (SVU: "Must Be Held Accountable")

Noah was riding a scooter with Olivia behind him when he spotted a mural that a rape victim had done, saying she was raped and not helped by the police. (SVU: "She Paints For Vengeance")

Noah and Olivia were at the park when both of them saw a group of children vaping. He then mentioned that four boys had been suspended from school for vaping in the boys' bathroom at school. Olivia instructed Noah not to ever do anything like that. (SVU: "Eternal Relief From Pain")

Noah was on his phone one night when he watched a video of Olivia arresting Jayvon Brown, which distressed him. He later told Olivia that all of the children at school recognized her as his mother and were talking about how she arrested an innocent person of color. When he asked if she was racist, Olivia assured him that she wasn't and explained the circumstances of the case to him. (SVU: "Guardians and Gladiators")

On New Year's Eve 2020, Noah asked Olivia if the ball drop would still happen in Times Square, to which Olivia responded that it would and that they would watch it at home on TV. Noah said sadly he couldn't wait for 2020 to be over and that it had been a terrible year, which Olivia agreed with. He later cheered up when Olivia and him were watching the New Year's Eve celebrations but he fell asleep before midnight as Olivia got an Amber Alert. (SVU: "Sightless in a Savage Land")

When a student at Noah's school tested positive for COVID-19 and Noah subsequently came down with a fever, Olivia had Noah tested and both of them quarantined, but the test came back negative. (SVU: "The Only Way Out Is Through")

When a TikTok star named Willa Bartola posted on her TikTok that she was raped, Noah watched the video and showed Olivia. However, while Olivia watched the video, it got deleted. A concerned Noah asked if this meant that since the video was deleted, could she now not help her, to which Olivia replied she could and told him that even if you delete something off a social media profile, it still stays on the internet forever. (SVU: "Fast Times @ TheWheelHouse")

One day, Olivia and Noah were walking to school talking about Serena Benson. Noah asked Olivia if she missed her mother and Olivia replied saying she did. Noah then said it was because she was a good mother like her and Olivia chuckled before saying that he should know that nobody was a better mother than her and tussled his hair. Noah giggled and embarrassingly and gleefully told Olivia not to do that at school. They both told each other they loved one another and Olivia reminded Noah to put on his mask before entering the school building, which Noah did. (SVU: "The Five Hundredth Episode")

Olivia goes to pick up Noah from his friend Hudson Parker's house only to find Noah in a cage with a dog collar on his neck with Hudson and his sister Annie watching. Hudson was recording and told Noah to eat dog food and bark like a dog. Olivia and Hudson's mother look displeased but the three children said they were just playing, with Hudson's mother referring to Hudson and Noah's behavior as boys will be boys. On the way home, Olivia asked Noah what happened, which Noah dismissed, saying that Hudson is a jerk. After solving a case, Olivia tells Noah that she spoke to Hudson's mother about what happened, which annoys Noah. He then reveals that nobody at school likes Hudson and reveals that he also bullied a child with they/them pronouns. Noah then told Olivia that he told Hudson that he is bisexual, which is where the bullying started. Noah then said that nobody deserves to feel left out and that there is no shame in being true to yourself. Olivia tells Noah he is right and that she is proud of him. (SVU: "Burning With Rage Forever")


While sleighing at the park, Noah met his mother's former partner Elliot Stabler following the death of his wife Kathy. (OC: "What Happens in Puglia")