Noah Sibert
Noah Sibert
Name Noah Sibert
Pathology Serial rapist
Serial harasser
Alleged child abuser
Family Gwen Sibert (wife)
Christopher Ryan (former foster son)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Luke Perry
First Appearance "Trials"

Noah Sibert is a serial rapist who eventually married one of his own victims without her knowing who he actually was and then adopted the son of one of his other victims.


He first came to the attention of the Special Victims Unit when his adopted son, Christopher Ryan, accused him and his wife of child abuse. They were cleared, but Noah came under suspicion again for the rape of several women.

Thanks to a swab from a kiss that Noah gave Christopher on the cheek, the Special Victims Unit were able to confirm Noah was a serial rapist. He was arrested for this and imprisoned. (SVU: "Trials")

Known Victims

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