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Nola Falacci is a detective on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, portrayed by Alicia Witt.

She works in Manhattan's Major Case Squad and was Mike Logan's temporary partner.

She seems to have quite a chip on her shoulder. From the first moment she and Detective Logan covered a crime scene together, Logan could tell he had met his match in a confrontational detective who digs in.

More than that, Logan found himself thinking, for the first time in his career, "I may have to make sure this new cop doesn't get out of line."

Detective Falacci can be cold and calculating in her investigation methods. No one (not even authority figures in the criminal justice world) intimidates her.

No one is outside the possibility of being marked as a suspect. Think Serpico meets Sipowicz.

Falacci in the season 7 episode "Courtship".

Immediately after transferring to Major Case from Brooklyn North, Falacci butted heads with Captain Ross.

She doesn't give a lot of thought to protocol, she just bulls forward (which may explain why a detective this good has bounced around this much).

But she manages to leave her volatile side at the cophouse. At home, Falacci is happily married with three young kids.

When Wheeler returns to Major Case in the episode "Contract", Logan stated to her that Falacci now is training at the FBI Academy in Quantico.



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