SVU, Episode 2.06
Production number: E1417
First aired: 24 November 2000
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Munch Fin Noncompliance
Written By
Judith McCreary

Directed By
Elodie Keene


A schizophrenic who refuses to take his medication becomes the main suspect in a killing and an assault.


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Recurring cast

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Mark doesn't scare me, detective. Pathetic, narrow-minded people do.

–Mrs. Nash about the stigma of mental illness

Dr. Emil Skoda: Do you refuse medication because you prefer the world you live in to reality?
Mark Nash: I'd be crazy if I didn't.

I dream of angels, but I live with demons.

–Mark Nash

Olivia Benson: When I said I'd have dinner with you I thought we might be sitting.
Elliot Stabler: You can sit in the car.
Olivia Benson: You're a classy guy, you know that?

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Episode scene cards

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Sandomir Residence
356 West 19th Street
Monday, November 13

Nash Residence
172 West 25th Street
Monday, November 13

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Arraignment Court
Part 65
Wednesday, November 15

Sing Sing
Correctional Facility
Ossining, New York
Monday, November 20

Fast Stop Market
648 West 23rd Street
Monday, November 20

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