Nora Hodges
Nora Hodges
Name Nora Hodges
Pathology Con artist
Child abuser
Family April Hodges (granddaughter)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Cindy Williams
First Appearance "Sick"

Nora Hodges is a con artist who concocted a complex scheme to collect funds from toy mogul Billy Tripley.


Nora, diagnosed with Munchausen syndrome by proxy, coached her granddaughter April to say that she was raped by Billy Tripley, and that she had cancer to make her look even more vulnerable, having induced the cancer in April beforehand. Eventually, investigators found that she lied about the allegations, that she had poisoned April, and that she was after Billy's money. Nora confessed to the allegations and not charged with the related frauds, but was sent to prison for life for attempted murder in the first degree and the cancer fraud against her granddaughter. (SVU: "Sick")

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