Law and Order
"Not Your Father's Organized Crime"
OC, Episode 1.02
Production number:
First aired (US): 8 April 2021
First aired (UK): 6 August 2021
First aired (CAN): 8 April 2021
First aired (AUS): 19 April 2021
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Written By
Ilene Chaiken

Directed By
Ken Girotti


Bell and Stabler take on two new faces to the task force and investigate two seemingly unrelated crimes in hopes they'll be connected back to their case.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast

  • Randolph Curtis Rand as Dr. Laurence Valentine
  • Meggie McKinnon as Nurse Betsey
  • Julie Tolivar as Helene
  • Hannah Jane McMurray as Jill
  • Barry Anderson as Rand
  • Patrick Cann as Lead Detective
  • Adam Lim as Local Detective
  • Juante Wilson as Security Guard
  • Alexis Hyatt as Patient #1
  • Emily Coffin as Patient #2
  • Vince Gatton as Doctor
  • Erick Patrick as Building Security Guy
  • Cynthia Ana Rivera as Waitress
  • Alex Perez as Truck Driver
  • Adan Olmeda as Plumber




Background Information and Notes

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"What Happens in Puglia"
"Not Your Father's Organized Crime"
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