Law and Order
SVU, Episode 6.03
Production number: E5205
First aired (US): 12 October 2004
First aired (CAN): 12 October 2004
First aired (AUS): 9 March 2005
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Written By
Jose Molina

Directed By
Constantine Makris


TV sensation Jessie Dawning is found unconscious and raped in her trailer. The detectives turn to an organization lead by Carolyn Spencer, who protested Jessie's show. Then, they turn towards a radio shock-jock, B.J. Cameron, who said lewd things about Jessie. The case takes a twist when it is revealed that Carolyn Spencer's son, Danny is responsible for raping Jessie and Danny claims that B.J. drove him to do it. Danny, under the influence of his mother, refuses to take a plea agreement so Novak, believing he might be feeling guilty for what he did, brings in Jessie to talk to him and Danny relents and accepts a lenient plea offer. However, his mother shoots B.J. non-fatally in revenge for his influencing Danny to rape and goes on trial for attempted murder. Danny refuses to testify until he learns that his mother staged the attempted murder as a publicity stunt for her cause. The jury deadlocks six to six and a mistrial is declared. Later, B.J. slanders Carolyn on air.


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  • Elliot says Jessie works sixteen hour days. However, since she is sixteen, she isn't legally allowed to work those hours until she turns eighteen, due to child labor laws.


Stabler reading hate mail for Jessie: "Roses are red, violets are blue, when Jessie's dead, her corpse I will..." you get the idea. There are hundreds more of them like this.

BJ Cameron to Novak: Do you wake up every morning and think "how am I going to violate the First Amendment today?"

BJ Cameron about the KKK and Aryan Nations: They may be hate-mongering idiots, but they still have the right to speak their minds like everyone else.

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Home of
Carolyn Spencer
Queens, New York
Wednesday, September 1

Office of
Franco Marquez
325 West 66th Street
Wednesday, September 1

Wren FM 93.8
522 West 57th Street
Friday, September 3

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Trial Part 27
Wednesday, September 8

Trial Part 35
Thursday, September 23

Trial Part 35
Tuesday, October 12

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