CI, Episode 7.08
Production number: CI7008
First aired: 29 November 2007
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Gene Hoyle & Beth Marbury
Teleplay By
Kate Rorick

Story By
Kate Rorick & Julie Martin

Directed By
Tom DiCillo


Logan and Falacci investigate the murder of the only witness in a rape case in which three white college kids supposedly raped a Dominican girl. Eventually the girl confesses that she lied about the rape, that it was actually an ex-boyfriend of hers and she did it because the kids she blamed, who were all football players, treated her badly and she didn't want her boyfriend to know the truth. Eventually they come to believe that the ADA, Gene Hoyle's wife Beth killed the witness Tracy who was going to recant as she couldn't lie anymore and set up at a trap at one of the players', Tim Pardue's house. After learning that Tracy was going to recant, Tim's mother Grace is horrified as Beth lied to her, saying that Tracy was going to ruin her son's life so she killed Tracy. Grace is arrested while Gene Hoyle is horrified as his single-minded pursuit of the case led to this and Beth is unrepentant.


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Newell College; Newell Knights; Vicuna Club; The Bronx; Staten Island


Falacci: (after Beth Hoyle defends her actions) Tim Pardue is not a rapist. Carla made the whole thing up!
Gene Hoyle: (after finding out the truth) I'm sorry detectives. I didn't know.
Logan: Don't tell us your sorry, (indicates the devastated family) tell them. (Hoyle is unable to)

Background information and notes

  • This episode is based on the Duke University rape case.
  • This marks Andrew McCarthy's first appearance on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. It is also likely to be his last appearance on the series, as it is known that he can't stand Vincent D'Onofrio.
  • It's revealed Logan carries a newspaper article about the time he punched Councilman Kevin Crossley in his wallet.

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