Law and Order
Law and Order
"Official Story"
SVU, Episode 13.12
Production number: 13012
First aired (US): 18 January 2012
First aired (UK): 27 May 2012
First aired (CAN): 18 January 2012
First aired (AUS): 26 April 2012
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Written By
Peter Blauner

Directed By
Michael Smith

When the CEO of a private military contractor is found assaulted, the DA's office joins the SVU detectives to investigate a motive with international ties.


The powerful CEO of a private military contractor is confronted by protesters and later found drugged and sexually assaulted in a park. Detectives Benson and Amaro begin their investigation but find the victim unwilling to cooperate. As the SVU squad and the district attorney's office explore the motives behind the attack, a much larger crime and conspiracy in Iraq is unveiled.


A private military contractor is assaulted. When they find the man who did it, he alleges that the man covered up the rape of his daughter who worked for him. They investigate and learn of a cover up that might involve the military. A much larger crime is revealed, and the SVU squad teams up with the new E.A.D.A. David Haden, who seems to take a liking to Benson as does she to him. Things start to get complicated when witnesses start to lie, suspects refuse to turn on one another, and people start to get seriously hurt. Benson's apartments is broken into, two witnesses are assaulted, and another one ends up dead. Things get more complicated when the military contractor's lawyer is the person that called for people to be murdered and freaked out. The team still goes ahead and starts to discover things that lead them to justice that the poor rape victim deserves. Haden and Benson get closer, as their feelings for each other start to become more clear.


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Brooklyn Bread Bakery
803 4th Avenue
Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Sunday, January 8

US Attorney's Office
One St. Andrew's Plaza
Monday, January 9

District Attorney's
Conference Room
1 Hogan Place
Tuesday, January 10

Supreme Court
Grand Jury
Part 39
Wednesday, January 11

5 6 7

Corona Motor Lodge
57 34th Avenue
Corona, Queens
Thursday, January 12

Residence of
James Pell
30 Beach 116th Street
Rockaway, Queens
Friday, January 13

Supreme Court
Grand Jury
Part 39
Monday, January 16

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"Official Story"
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