Law and Order
  CI, Episode 1.01
Production number: E2101
First aired: 30 September 2001
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Teleplay By
René Balcer

Story By
Dick Wolf

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac

An elaborate diamond heist leads to three dead people, including one of the criminals.


In January 1998, Karl Atwood enlists his girlfriend Gia and three others to help plan and execute a major jewelry heist: Michael Carson, fresh out of a Canadian prison; Jake Nathan, an expert in phony identification; and a muscular Serbian named Casten Zivkovic. The team of three trick a couple out of their home by sending them on a phony prize trip to Atlantic City, then drill through the empty house into the jewelry store next door. Unfortunately, during the heist, the daughter, Sophie of the house comes home with her boyfriend to get some private time alone.

Karl kills Michael; during the heist, shooting him four times. After leaving the jewelry store, he also shootsand her lover and escapes with $300 million in diamonds. Detectives Goren and Eames are called to the case and begin following clues from the dead bodies left behind, specifically the dead body of Carson, which was wearing expensive new clothes. Following the trail of stolen credit cards used to purchase the clothes and equipment, they collect different witness sketches of a single man and a single woman, Karl and Gia. A review of the security tapes from preceding days in the jewelry store produces a clear image of Gia, casing the joint.

Meanwhile, Karl lays down fresh red herrings for the cops to follow by killing a soldier of the Masucci family and leaving diamonds on the body. This briefly distracts Captain Deakins into thinking it's a mob show, at least until the diamonds left behind are identified as being the lowest quality and least expensive diamonds in the lot that was stolen.

With the assistance of a heavily tattooed friend, Goren is able to tie the homemade prison tattoo on Carson's body to a prison in Canada. With Carson's identity determined, the detectives are able to pull his record, and learn that he has skipped parole to enter the US, likely by train, which undergo less security. A canvass at Penn Station produces a witness, who is able to identify a mug shot of Nathan, who came to pick him up. A background check of Nathan results in an address, which the detectives raid.

The detectives find the house empty, but do seize a piece of expensive forgery equipment, left behind when the group abandoned the site. Nathan calls Karl to tell him that it is missing, and Karl orders him to buy a new one. Goren and Eames are ready for him, and Nathan is arrested when he goes to make the purchase. With the threat of the death penalty hanging over his head, he cuts a deal to help bring Karl in. He places a telephone call to Karl so that police can trace Karl's location, but Karl catches on and escapes. Goren and Eames arrive just in time to catch Gia, who was doing laundry and was left behind.

Goren convinces Gia during interrogation that Karl is only using her, and that he was having a relationship with Carson in prison. He shows Gia files that Carson had AIDS, and that through Karl, she is also infected. He promises to make sure she gets good medical care in prison if she helps him bring Karl in. With ADA Carver cooperation, he lets her go so she can bring Karl in. She retrieves the diamonds and is met by Karl, who is suspicious about why the police released her, and threatens to kill her. She tells him about Goren's attempt to convince her that he has AIDS, and denies working for the police. To persuade him that she does not believe the police, she is forced to sleep with him.

The buyers for the diamonds arrive at the hotel, examine the goods, and agree to pay Karl. Karl rejoices and goes to the other room to retrieve the rest of the diamonds. When he returns, he finds the police there and everyone already under arrest. Goren and Eames tell Gia that she is not actually infected with HIV, and the criminals are led away.


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Robert Goren: It could be a prison tattoo.
Alexandra Eames: How could he get to prison without leaving his prints in the system?
James Deakins: How'd my luggage wind up in Amarillo last Christmas?

Robert Goren: She won't run, Ms. Lewin.
Nora Lewin: (to Carver) Do you trust his judgement?
Ron Carver: On this, yes, yes I do.
Nora Lewin: Should I trust yours?

Ron Carver: Funny thing about the law, the right hand commits the murder the left hand pays for it...
Defense Attorney: Um... how can my client help himself here?
Ron Carver: Names and addresses and I take the death penalty off the table.

Defense Attorney: Life without parole? That’s pretty steep. He’s got no record of violence.
Ron Carver: He does now. And the offer is not going to hold. We found him and we’ll find the others with or without his help. (leans back, juggling his hands) Life. Death. You choose.

Robert Goren: Does it bother you that the same people who just jacked $300 million are maxing out a stolen credit card?
Alexandra Eames: Once a thief. You said yourself, they're impulsive.
Robert Goren: Okay, if it doesn't bother you.

Gia DeLuca: We're both dead anyway. You killed us.
Alexandra Eames: Think again, Gia. You've got a long and healthy life ahead of you.
Robert Goren: I lied. Sorry.

Alexandra Eames: Don't equivocate. He's a bad guy.
Robert Goren: Bad guys do what good guys dream.

Robert Goren: You notice anything unusual?
Alexandra Eames: Not really.
Robert Goren: It's just that she's putting lipstick on her eyeball. She's taking a picture of the safe.

James Deakins: Goren, I realize how unstimulating police procedure can be for a right-brained guy like you, and I say this with all the respect due a Detective First Grade: touch all the bases.

Alexandra Eames: Am I missing something?
Robert Goren: I just like to watch.

Alexandra Eames: She got her hands on this, why didn't she run?
Robert Goren: It wasn't about that, it was about him.
Alexandra Eames: Men come and go, but diamonds...
Robert Goren: Diamonds don't keep you warm at night.

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