Orion Bauer
Name Orion Bauer
Occupation Sports agent
Pathology Conspirator
Con artist
Family Cordelia Bauer (daughter)
Unborn grandchild (deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Stacy Keach
First Appearance "American Disgrace"

Orion Bauer is a man who paid three women to claim that Shakir Wilkins raped them.

History[edit | edit source]

When one of the women, Carla Cannon, assaulted Shakir in an elevator and screamed that Shakir raped her, Orion told the Special Victims Unit that he didn't believe the accusations. However, when the other two women came forward with similar accusations, Orion ended his contract with Shakir. However, it soon became clear the three women were lying after one of them told the detectives she was paid by Orion to say Shakir raped her.

Later, it was revealed that Cordelia secretly recorded Orion admitting to setting Shakir up as revenge for him sleeping with Cordelia, which resulted in her getting pregnant. Orion was not charged, but Shakir told Cordelia he was filing a lawsuit against Orion and his business. (SVU: "American Disgrace")

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