Law and Order
"Our Words Will Not Be Heard"
SVU, Episode 22.11
Production number: 22011
First aired (US): 15 April 2021
First aired (UK): 13 August 2021
First aired (CAN): 14 April 2021
First aired (AUS): 6 May 2021
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Written By
Melody Cooper

Directed By
Batán Silva


The Special Victims Unit aids an activist in locating her missing sister. Meanwhile, Benson and Garland work together to try and bring change to the NYPD, and Kat catches a break.


Benson arrives at the lawyer's office, where she finds Jayvon Brown awaiting his lawyer. He explains how the lawyer stepped out, as Benson offers to wait outside but he invited her in. Jayvon stated he heard of her circumstances and congratulates her on being exonerated from investigation. Benson soon describes the actions of Jayvon's lawyers and how it might affect his settlement size but he is not worried about money. They soon discuss the methods of the NYPD and how investigations need to be done about the bias methods. Jayvon is skeptical of Benson really thinking this would do good but finds himself intrigued by her desired approaches after she states a department wide legal decree is needed. Jayvon's lawyer walks in, noting on how they probably shouldn't be around the other but Jayvon tells her that he and Benson were fine.

The detectives find Rick's brother-in-law who has survived the shooting and is clinging to life, with Benson calling for paramedics. They interrogate Steve on where Rick went with Sara but he claims to not know. Realizing he's lying, Benson presses for answers and threatens to let him bleed out. However, Steve calls her bluff because a cop couldn't let him die. To prove she's serious, Benson tells the paramedics not to come and asks again. Seeing she's serious, Steve looks at Garland who wants answers too.

Soon Steve speaks and the squad arrive at a door, where they discover Rick is broadcasting his actions to his racist colleagues before he shows the detectives on the video, saying the cops are present. Benson and Fin spot the camera on the wall, as Rick tells his audience they are witnesses to this moment and not to let them take their country. Rick then tells the detectives to stay back and announces that he will release Sara, as he frees Sara from her binds and allows her to leave.

Bursting into the room, the detectives recover Sara before they surround Rick who surrenders to the cops. After Rick states they're on camera, Fin promptly ends his broadcast by destroying the camera.

Afterwards, Rick is taken out the building and Sara nearly attacks him for his actions on her but is stopped by Kat. Garland inquires on what Rick had to say about his act with Fin stating the man only asked that he be incarcerated at a prison of his like minded colleagues. However, they refuse to allow Rick to have this luxury.


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Background Information and Notes

  • Alicia Ford sings "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson outside the restaurant in the open.
  • Tamin is promoted to Detective.
  • Fin mentions that the last time he talked to Stabler, he told him Benson had been involved with someone (implying Ed Tucker). This conversation happened in his return episode "Return Of The Prodigal Son".
  • The lawsuit against Benson is resolved.
  • Rollins does not appear in this episode, most likely due to her father Jim having a stroke in the previous episode.
    • A deleted scene from the episode shows Carisi on the phone with Amanda and babysitting Jesse Rollins while she is away caring for Jim.[1]
  • The person Carisi has been dating and called in the previous episode is shown on screen as Nicole Harper.
  • The names shown on the scene card of the law office representing Jayvon Brown likely refer to three prominent African American defense attorneys in the Law & Order franchise: Paul Robinette, Bayard Ellis, and Martha Marron.

Episode scene cards

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Apartment Of
Sara Harper
120 Harman Street
Bushwick, Brooklyn
Monday, March 22

Construction Site
10th Avenue & 27th Street
Monday, March 22
7:21:03 PM

Law Office Of
Robinette, Ellis And Marron
156 Amity Street
Cobble Hill, Brooklyn
Monday, March 22


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