"Out of Control"
L&O, Episode 2.08
Production number: 67403
First aired: 12 November 1991
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Cerreta Logan Out of Control
Teleplay By
Jack Richardson

Story By
David Black & Robert Nathan

Directed By
John Whitesell

A young woman is possibly raped by a couple of boys from a college fraternity.


The detectives investigate the gang rape of a college student during a fraternity Halloween party, but when her own testimony can't be supported by the evidence, it becomes hard to prove rape.


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"All right, so I was drunk, and I'm not a virgin. So I'm not the perfect victim. "

- Andrea Fermi

"Did you get any read off her?"
"After 15 minutes? How about some top of the mind, inadmissable, subjective impressions?"
"Just as long as you don't go out on a limb."
"Is it just me, detective, or all women with triple digit IQs?"
"Oh, well you're the only one I know, Doc."

- Phil Cerreta, Elizabeth Olivet and Mike Logan

"Gee, somebody's lying."
"Well, that makes you detective of the month, Mike."

- Mike Logan and Donald Cragen

"Last time I looked, Utopia's a small town upstate. Different zip code from the criminal court's building."

- Adam Schiff

"We'll talk sexual misconduct."
"A misdemeanor for what happened to her? You have the wrong century."

- Ms. Gifford and Benjamin Stone

"I haven't heard the word 'immunity'."
"This week I forgot what it means."

- Attorney and Benjamin Stone

"Adam, she passed out on the street."
"Iffy. Did she pass out in the room? Would you like this without sugar? You know the boys are getting better press play. What does that tell you?"
"They'll get better play from a jury."
"Thank you, Paul."

- Benjamin Stone, Adam Schiff and Paul Robinette

"You should have told the police."
"At the time, I didn't make the connection."
"Absent-minded physicist? You don't look that out of it, Mr. Collins."

- Paul Robinette and Buzz Collins

Background information and notes

  • This episode is based on an actual rape case at St. John's University in Collegeville, Jamaica, New York. In 1990, six white male students, three of them members of the St. John's lacrosse team, were accused of raping a then-21-year-old African-American female student at a private house off-campus. A year later, the six stood trial, but all of them were controversially acquitted of the charges. For legal reasons, no one involved in that case could be named. (Source: St. John's lacrosse case at Wikipedia)

Episode scene cards

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Whitcomb Hall
Gary Burnham
Wednesday, October 31

Apartment of Andrea Fermi
445 West 80th Street
Monday, November 5

Theta House
523 West 92nd Street
Thursday, November 8

Chambers of Judge
Amelia Paul
Friday, November 16

5 6 7

Office of District
Attorney Adam Schiff
Tuesday, November 27

Supreme Court
Trial Part 43
Monday, January 7

Supreme Court
Trial Part 43
Thursday, January 10

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