CI, Episode 9.14
Production number: 90014
First aired: 29 June 2010
185th of 195 produced in CI
185th of 195 released in CI
  {{{nNthReleasedInAll}}}th of 1229 released in all
Written By
Mark Malone

Directed By
Darnell Martin


The investigation into the murder of a rare book dealer reunites Nichols with a troubled old flame.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast


London; Granius Licinianus; Kenswick Moving Company; Odes of Catallus; P.S. 91; Lost Licinianus; Conclave


Bernard: We're antiquarians. We choose to live in the past. But Lenore, she had no choice.
Regina: She keeps living the same day over and over. But it's such a lovely day.

Lenore Abrigaille: This wine goes poorly with my medication... (to Nichols) I have another secret.
Zach Nichols: Yes, I imagine you have several.

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Previous episode:
"The Mobster Will See You Now"
Criminal Intent
Season 9
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"Inhumane Society"
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