CI, Episode 9.14
Production number: 90014
First aired: 29 June 2010
185th of 195 produced in CI
185th of 195 released in CI
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Written By
Mark Malone

Directed By
Darnell Martin


The investigation into the murder of a rare book dealer reunites Nichols with a troubled old flame.


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London; Granius Licinianus; Kenswick Moving Company; Odes of Catallus; P.S. 91; Lost Licinianus; Conclave


Bernard: We're antiquarians. We choose to live in the past. But Lenore, she had no choice.
Regina: She keeps living the same day over and over. But it's such a lovely day.

Lenore Abrigaille: This wine goes poorly with my medication... (to Nichols) I have another secret.
Zach Nichols: Yes, I imagine you have several.

Background information and notes

Boyce Thompson

A portion of the filming of this episode took place at the Alder Manor (derived from Alder Gulch, Montana) commissioned by cooper magnate (his fortune derived by mining sites in the Western United States) and financier William Boyce Thompson (He also founded Hudson River Country Club as well as the Institute for Plant Research, which used to be across the street from the manor and was later relocated to Cornell University, whose creation was inspired by personally witnessing the famine and devastation of Russia during the Great War while on a Red-Cross mission sanctioned by President Woodrow WIlson, to prevent the Empire from surrendering to Germany ;He wanted to conduct basic and applied research that would help met the needs a growing population). It is located on on North Broadway (U.S. Route 9) in Yonkers, New York. The country estate consists of four stories ( including basement and attic), and 72 rooms sprawling across 22 acres of then rural northwest Yonkers, on top of the highest hills of the city, would serve as a seasonal residence to entertain guests. Some of the point of interest in the manor include: marble staircase and entry, main hall, ballroom, conservatory built-in pipe organ, second floor indoor pool, ornate fireplaces, library, As for the exterior: gorgeous overgrown gardens in a Greek style including an outdoor theater stage, three small pools, and a gazebo. After the passing of Thompsons heirs in 1950, the estate was willed to the Archdiocese of New York to be used as a Catholic High School and it was later upgraded to a Junior College (Mary Elizabeth Seton) in 1960 . After the school merged with Iona College, the campus was closed and vacant for sometime. The city eventually bought up the property and transferred it to the "Tara Circle" group, an Irish cultural organization, after issuing a "Request for Proposals".


Some of the modifications carried out on the estate by the archdiocese include:a) establishment of a chapel and a fire escape added to blend in with the architecture. b) college dormitory erected on the western side of the campus, which obstructed the view of the Hudson River, as well as the Palisades, the mansion had once enjoyed. c) With respect to the interior, however, some rooms were modified extensively to serve as bedrooms and offices, such as the basement den, which functioned as an exhibition room for his vast gem collection (the collection was later willed to the American Museum of Natural History, along with an endowment to make future acquisitions). Its Chinese-themed decor was greatly down-played, and the woodwork is the only remnant of its former glory .


Carrere & Hastings were the masterminds behind the facade of the manor.The design firm was no stranger to catering to the needs of the upper crust. In fact, the formative years of the architects were spent Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France,an instituition dedicated to classical European tradtiions, followed by an apprentice-  ship at the prestigious McKim, Mead, & White, where they had a chance to perfect their technique.Some of the their clientele were the captains of industry (or robber-barrons) of the GIlded Age (1870 to around the period of World War I) such as Henry Clay Frick, Col. Oliver Hazard Payne, John Pitcairn, F.H. Goodyear, Henry Flagler, and Alfred I. Dupont, whose stately country homes have stood the test of time. As for the more civic-minded and commercial works which maybe more well-known include:

  • Ponce De Leon & Alcazar Hotels, FL (1887–88)
  • Royal Bank of Canada (1906), and Bank of Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1913)
  • Standard Oil Building NY, (1926,1928)
  • Bicentennial Buildings, Yale University, CT (1903, 1926)
  • Staten Island Ferry Terminal, NY (1905)
  • Senate and House offices, Washington D.C. (1903-1909)
  • Manhattan Bridge, anchorages and approaches, NY (1909)
  • Arlington Memorial Amphitheater, NC (1920)
  • New York Public Library, NYC (1897-1911)
  • Carnegie Institution, Washington D.C. (1909) and Carnegie Branch Libraries (1905-1929)
  • Pulitzer Fountain, Grand Army Plaza, NYC Central Park, NY (1911)

On a side note, the achievements of  William Thompson might make him seem larger than life:

  • Made a fortune in copper and gold.
  • Held a controlling interest in Indian Motorcycles, Cuban Cane Sugar Corp., Wright- Martin Aeroplanes and Pierce-Arrow Motor Cars.
  • Director of the New York Federal Reserve
  • Two-time delegate to Republican National Conventions
  • Wilson's Special Envoy to Revolutionary Russia during the last days of the Kerensky regime.

In its heyday, the manor hosted a variety of lavish festivities frequented by Josephine Baker, Andy Warhol, Big Mamma Cass, John Belushi, and Keith Richards. According to the nuns who left the manor there is ""other worldly mischief" known to occur ;In other word's, it is "haunted". Currently, the location is utilized for photo shoots ( Anthropologie & 2009 Victoria Secret's ad campaigns) and by  TV and Film industry. Some of the notable productions include "Law and Order:Special Victims Unit", "Gossip Girl", "A Beautiful Mind", "Mona Lisa Smile", "Crododile Dundee", "Boardwalk Empire", "The Royal Tenenbaums", "Flash Delirium" (music video by MGMT ) & "Monster" (music video by Kanye West). Also, it is quite a popular location for wedding ceremonies and other special events.

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