Law and Order
Law and Order
L&O, Episode 6.06
Production number: K0104
First aired: 15 November 1995
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Written By
Michael S. Chernuchin

Directed By
Fred Gerber


The detectives try to solve a coed's murder, which was described online.


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Had their own private john, huh? A far cry from the open stalls at C.C.N.Y. Maybe if I had a room like this, I would've finished the damn book.

–Lennie Briscoe about Moby Dick.

Anita Van Buren: "The more I stab you, the more I want you".
Lennie Briscoe: Sounds like Gershwin.
Anita Van Buren: Damn. My college's idea of sex and literature was Jane Eyre.
We're gonna need a mop in here.

–Rey Curtis after a suspect wets himself

Claire Kincaid: I'll be assisting Jack McCoy
Michelle Kates: Jack. Oh goody. Is he still bedding...what's-her-name, with the red hair?
Claire Kincaid: No. No.
Michelle Kates: Oh. A serious one. Don't sweat it, sweetie. Ten more years in this business, even the tax code will break you up. What do you say, tomorrow, 11 o'clock, Jack's office?
Jack McCoy: Shelly's representing the Maslin girl.
Claire Kincaid: She's a real piece of work.
Jack McCoy: Don't kid yourself. Shelly Kates can work 48 hours into a day. She's a hell of an attorney.

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1 2 3

Medical Examiner's
Thursday, June 22

Amsterdam College
3109 Broadway
Thursday, June 22

Pink Publishing
331 W. Houston
Friday, June 23

4 5 6

Whitman Library
Amsterdam College
Monday, July 3

Chambers Of
Judge Morris Birch
Wednesday, July 26

Office Of
Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
Tuesday, August 10

7 8

Supreme Court
Trial Part 37
Monday, September 11

Supreme Court
Trial Part 37
Wednesday, September 13

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