SVU, Episode 2.19
Production number: E1427
First aired: 27 April 2001
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Written By
Martin Weiss

Directed By
David Platt

The remains of a young Romanian immigrant are found buried in an apartment courtyard wearing a collar and leash.


When the remains of a young woman are found buried in an apartment courtyard with a collar and leash, Stabler and Benson determine that the dead woman is Ava Parulis, a Romanian immigrant who was brought to the United States for an arranged marriage. They discover from Ava's estranged twin, Irina, that the dead woman had left her abusive husband, and made a habit of taking advantage of the riches of wealthy suitors.


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"In my country, the police help no one."

- Ava Parulis

"He could run me down, leave skidmarks, and we still couldn't give him a speeding ticket."

- Alexandra Cabot

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Residence of
Dr. & Mrs. Brad Stanton
24 Vanderbilt Place
Brooklyn, New York
Friday, April 13

Mercy AIDS Hospice
426 Flatbush Avenue
Friday, April 13

Sloane Importers
997 Fifth Avenue
Monday, April 16

Permanent Mission
Of Romania to the
United Nations
Tuesday, April 17

5 6 7

Euromatch, Inc.
110 Sixth Avenue
Tuesday, April 17

Permanent Mission
Of Romania to the
United Nations
Tuesday, April 24

Grove Reformed Church
Bergen, New Jersey
Wednesday, April 25

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