"Parole Violations"
SVU, Episode 16.17
Production number: 16017
First aired: 25 March 2015
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Written By
Jill Abbinanti

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac

A parole officer is accused of manipulating clients for personal gain.


Detective Carisi's sister Bella prepares for her wedding to fiancé Tommy Sullivan and the upcoming birth of their child. But when Tommy falls back into bad habits and accuses his parole officer of rape, Carisi must investigate whether the claim is real or just another one of Tommy's excuses.


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Better Call Saul


Carisi (to Tommy): You cheated on my pregnant sister!

Tommy: I don't want to make a big deal out of this, okay?
Amaro: So you're just going to pretend that nothing happened? Go back to your parole officer next week and hope that she doesn't pull a gun on you?

Carisi (about Rollins): She's kind of big on tough love, isn't she?
Amaro: Look, her sister played her so many times, she taught herself to expect the worst from family.

Donna Marshall: I gave up my life, my marriage for this job and then Tommy Sullivan comes waltzing in all buzzy, talking about his pregnant girlfriend and his wonderful new life.
Olivia: That doesn't give you the right to do what you did to him.
Donna Marshall: I tried to help him! I tried to help all of them! And you know what they do? They take your hand and they drag you down to their level. They don't want to change. They will never change.

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11th Precinct
139 East 2nd Street
Thursday, February 26

517 West 22nd Street
Thursday, February 26

Apartment of
Jordan Dolphy
131 East 3rd Street
Saturday, February 28

Supreme Court
Part 22
Monday, March 2

Supreme Court
Part 22
Tuesday, March 3

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"Parole Violations"
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