SVU, Episode 6.22
Production number: E5204
First aired: 17 May 2005
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Huang Parts
Written By
David Foster

Directed By
Matt Earl Beesley


The dismembered body of a woman is found in a junkyard, and detectives must determine who killed her and who attempted to harvest organs from her corpse.


Episode plot


Main cast

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Guest cast


Manette Combs; Anatomical Procurement Service; National Transplant Clearing Center; Thomas Taylor; Alport's Syndrome; Hudson Medical School; Iraq


  • Elliot Stabler: Are you an organ donor?
  • John Munch: Yup.
  • Elliot Stabler: I thought Jews had to be buried with all their body parts?
  • John Munch: I figured the big guy will give me a pass if I leave a piece of myself to help someone else.

Background information and notes

  • Marlee Matlin comes back to SVU after a year. Her character, Dr. Amy Solwey was found guilty of aiding suicide in the episode, "Painless."

Episode scene cards

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Apartment of
Doris Combs
Queens, New York
Tuesday, March 8

Apartment of
Leon Shragewitz
531 Hooper Street
Wednesday, March 9

National Transplant
Clearing Center
Regional Headquarters
Tuesday, March 15

Boyd Outpatient
Dialysis Center
155 Lafayette Street
Wednesday, March 16

Mercy General Hospital
Kyle McGovern's Room
Thursday, March 17

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