CI, Episode 8.12
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First aired: 12 July 2009
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Written By
Michael S. Chernuchin

Directed By
Jonathan Herron


When funding for his poetry journal is threatened to be cut, an egocentric poet asks his lover to try to change the mind of the foundation’s president; when the lover winds up dead, Nichols and Wheeler discover the deadly passion behind the arts.


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Jacob Gerrety:
A thriving weed behind a dog-proof fence
A writhing dog behind a screen of weeds
The street needs people less and less
Their brave pursuits, their wretched deeds
They think the street is there for them
To bear their feet, to bear them on
"But bear with me," the pavement says
"I'm here at night; I'm here at dawn."
"When you are here and when you're gone."

(on Jacob Gerrety)
Megan Wheeler: No record, but only because pompous isn't a crime.

Sandra Dunbar: The words, in the right order, read by the right man... it'll move your soul.

(Nichols and Wheeler find Jacob Gerrety dead in his office)
Zach Nichols: We can ask him, but I don't think he's gonna answer.

John Dunbar: Thank god for pre-nups. She's taking out of this marriage what she brought in - a nice rack and a hundred bucks.

Megan Wheeler: If my kid ever tells me she wants to be a poet, I'll tell her to join the mafia instead - friendlier people.

Zach Nichols: I wanted to be a pianist. Now look at me. I'm a cop who can bang out a tune or two at a party. I should have listened to my wife. I didn't need the paycheck that badly.
Sandra Dunbar: (sadly) Jacob would've starved before he gave up his poetry for a paycheck.

(on Jacob Gerrety and Sandra Dunbar - Beck has compared them to Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald)
Zach Nichols: Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald... I remember that they had a rocky relationship. Does that mean Jacob and Sandra...?
Natalie Beck: "Rocky" doesn't do it justice... is "bouldery" a word?

Background information and notes

  • The original title for this episode was "Poet".

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