L&O, Episode 7.21
Production number: K1124
First aired: 7 May 1997
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Written By
Barry M. Schkolnick

Directed By
Constantine Makris

When the young, beautiful editor of an up-and-coming writer is murdered in the writer's apartment, the trail leads Briscoe and Curtis to the writer's scorned and abused girlfriend.

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(After Charles Evans is arrested at the university)
Briscoe: Class dismissed.

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1 2 3

East river press
113 fifth avenue
Sunday, February 25

Apartment of
Jeffrey Weiss
260 w. broadway
sunday, February 25

Home of
Mr. & Mrs. Milton Gannett
Westchester, NY
Friday, March 1

4 5 6

Rikers island
Rose M. Singer Center
Tuesday, March 12

Weaver Academy
Greenich, Connecticut
Wednesday, March 13

Ballard College
713 Eight Street
Tuesday, March 28


Supreme Court
Trial Part 88
Wednesday, May 15

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Season 7
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