Patrick Binder
Patrick Binder and Larissa Welsh
Name Patrick Binder
Status Alive
Actor Michelangelo Milano
First Appearance "Possessed"

Patrick Binder is a fellow employee and boyfriend of childhood sex abuse survivor Larissa Welsh. He is portrayed by Michelangelo Milano.

Binder met Welsh at work. Due to her shyness, he struggled to form a relationship with her. Though they had known each other for two years, they only started seeing each other for six months.

The extent of his girlfriend's childhood demons became clearer to him when Larissa didn't show up for work one day. He arrived at her apartment and started banging on her front door, which alerted the landlady next door. In order to prove he was telling the truth about their relationship, he showed a picture of himself and his girlfriend on his smart phone. She gave him the keys, but found her door was latched shut and broke in himself, only to find her unconscious, tied to a chair in her skivvies and dressed in ponytails with her arms and legs poorly shaved. The floor in front of her was scattered with non-descript pills. When he tried to help her recover, he was attacked by an overweight man dressed only in a pair of underwear and a plastic mask. He tried to fight him off but lost.

Binder and Welsh were taken to a hospital. Because Binder regained consciousness first, Stabler and Benson interviewed him. His cooperation led to the pursuit of Eldon Balogh. Unfortunately, before they could arrest him, Balogh dressed as a male nurse and set up a video camera in her hospital room with a live feed to his laptop at home so that he could film a second attack.