L&O, Episode 10.07
Production number: E1102
First aired: 24 November 1999
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Written By
René Balcer & Lynne E. Litt

Directed By
David Platt

Plot[edit | edit source]

The investigation regarding a woman found comatose in her apartment opens an unusual case involving murder and a possible frame-up.

Cast[edit | edit source]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Yes, I'm still here. Okay. No, no, no, no, I'm not hanging up. Computer company from hell, I've been on hold half an hour! I sent my kid's computer in to get fixed, and they lost it. No, you don't want me to come down there.

–Anita Van Buren

Policeman: Downstairs neighbor heard noises sometime after midnight, didn't think it was anything to worry about.
Lennie Briscoe: Or worth getting out of bed for.

Ken Taylor: That's not possible.
Ed Green: O.J. or no O.J., DNA doesn't lie, my man.
Anita Van Buren: Mr. Taylor, at this time would you like to make a statement?
Ken Taylor: It is not possible.
Anita Van Buren: I'll take that as a no.
Ken Taylor: Charles. Do something!
Lennie Briscoe: Yeah counselor, why don't you click your heels three times and say there's no place like home.

Lennie Briscoe: You see, whoever raped Cecilia used a condom, except some of his little guys got away from him. That's why we took your blood, Taylor.
Ken Taylor: That doesn't concern me one bit.
Anita Van Buren: The lab results are in. The DNA found at the scene matches the sample we took from the sheets.
Lennie Briscoe: Ooh! You should have been more careful when removing your party hat, Ken.

Background information and notes[edit | edit source]

  • In this episode, it is revealed Detective Ed Green's father was a Petroleum Engineer who took Ed to Hong Kong when he was a teenager.
  • Goof: Judy Kaye is credited as "Judge Susan Liebman" but her later two appearances have her name listed in both the credits and nameplates as "Susan Lehman".

Episode scene cards[edit | edit source]

1 2 3

Fly-Away Travel
28 East 47th Street
Tuesday, October 20

Hotel Swanson
22 Central Park West
Tuesday, October 20

116th Precinct
54-05 Parsons Boulevard
Jamaica, Queens
Friday, October 23

4 5

Taylor Family Barn
Schoharie County, NY
Tuesday, November 17

Supreme Court
Trial Part 32
Monday, November 30

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