"Pattern Seventeen"
SVU, Episode 16.09
Production number: 16009
First aired: 10 December 2014
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Written By
Kevin Fox

Directed By
Martha Mitchell

A serial rapist strikes in several cities where the rape kit backlog stalls the investigation.


When a series of young, petite girls are assaulted in the early morning hours, Detective Rollins matches the pattern to several rapes she worked in Atlanta. When she finds that the victims' rape kits were never tested, Atlanta SVU Chief Patton claims none of the cases were worth pursuing. Intense media scrutiny and the lack of a suspect brings the heat down on Sgt. Benson, who has to face Chief Dodds and their commanders in a CompStat briefing. Meanwhile, a family court judge threatens to remove baby Noah from Benson's care.


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  • When Amanda mentioned untested rape kits in Atlanta Benson says "not that again." This is a reference to "Behave".


Abraham: So, it sounds like communication with these other police departments needs to improve.
Dodds: If I may, with all due respect, the problem is not communication, Hank. There is a national rape kit backlog issue here that needs to be addressed. (to Benson) Sergeant.
Benson: We did catch the pattern seventeen rapist within one week after his first assault here. But the brutal truth is that all of the New York assaults could have should have been prevented. Albert Beck is a career rapist who has moved from state to state, year after year. But because many cities have underfunded departments and many cities do not regard crimes against women seriously, they never tested thousands of their rape kits. What is the point of having a national DNA database if the rapist's DNA is never entered into it?

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Leonard Bernstein
High School
360 West 48th Street
Monday, December 1

Evidence Storage
Atlanta Police Department
Precinct Zone 8
Atlanta, Georgia
Monday, December 1

Residence of
Ashley Miller
108 Sunset Avenue NW
Atlanta, Georgia
Tuesday, December 2

Staff Parking Garage
Mercy Hospital
365 West 32nd Street
Wednesday, December 3

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Family Court
Part 21
Thursday, December 4

Residence of
Lauren and Beth Burns
34-47 205th Street
Queens, New York
Thursday, December 4

Chambers of
Judge Linden
60 Lafayette Street
Friday, December 5

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"Pattern Seventeen"
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