"Pattern of Conduct"
TBJ, Episode 1.06
Production number: 5710
First aired: 1 April 2005
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th of 13 released in TBJ
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Teleplay By
Pamela J. Wechsler & Walon Green

Story By
Pamela J. Wechsler

Directed By
Constantine Makris

Kibre has trouble prosecuting a famous basketball player, after he is accused of rape and murder.




Main cast

Guest cast




"Hey! I was abused, humiliated. I was owed."
"A million bucks?"
"I'm on camera! My living is my image. That station paid zip and I needed clothes... a car... a condo."
"Really? Well, invite Lauren's family over to see your closet. Tell them I won't put away Lauren's killer but check out my Menolos."
"This nightmare is causing me my job. I'm ruined. Do you understand that?"
"I don't give a damn!"
"Can I go?"
"You're served. Show up in court or sit in jail."
"Fine! I won't remember a thing."
"There is a way to help yourself here."
"Yeah, right!"
"I mean... rebuilt your image. Amber Frye, the other woman for whom Scott Peterson killed his wife, on the stand she became the courageous witness who helped put him away."
"Ken's lawyers will destroy me."
"Not if I have you tell your version first. It starts with the prosecution. We won the spin."
"Like I'd get some favor from you."
"Personal feelings aside, is in my best interest to make you look good. Either that or I treat you as a hostile witness and tear you a new one. Your choice, Diane."

- Diane Harris, Tracey Kibre and Kelly Gaffney

Background information and notes

  • This episode shares similarities with the Kobe Bryant case. Bryant made headlines when he was accused of sexual assault at a hotel by a hotel employee. Bryant admitted an adulterous sexual encounter with the accuser, but denied the sexual assault allegation. In September 2004, prosecutors dropped the case after his accuser informed them that she was unwilling to testify. Bryant's accuser brought a separate civil suit against him that was ultimately settled out of court.

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