Paula Bryant
Name Paula Bryant
Family Unnamed sisters
A.J. Martin (husband)
A.J. Martin, Jr. (son)
Status Alive
Actor Meagan Good
First Appearance "Spousal Privilege"

Paula Bryant is the fiancé of football player A.J. Martin, who subjected her to constant domestic abuse.


When security footage of Paula being physically abused by A.J. was leaked, the Special Victims Unit questioned both Paula and A.J., who insisted that they had a happy, stable home life. However, when more footage of Paula's abuse by A.J. was leaked, the SVU brought A.J. to trial.

Despite this, Paula was adamant that she was fine and even testified on A.J.'s behalf. However, the jury still found A.J. guilty of domestic abuse, which devastated Paula. She confronted Sergeant Benson outside the courtroom and accused her of taking A.J. away from her before leaving with her sisters and Reverend Curtis Scott. (SVU: "Spousal Privilege")

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