Paula Foster
Name Paula Foster
Title Bureau Chief
Affiliation Public Integrity Unit (2005-2012)
Delia Wilson's Sex Trafficking Ring
Occupation Assistant District Attorney
Pathology Conspirator
Family Unnamed ex-husband
Sarah Foster (daughter)
Status Imprisoned
Permanently disbarred
Actor Paget Brewster
First Appearance "Lost Reputation"
Last Appearance "Above Suspicion"

Paula Foster is a former Bureau Chief ADA who was paid by Delia Wilson to frame Donald Cragen for the murder of Carissa Gibson.

History[edit | edit source]

Foster had a daughter named Sarah, who suffered from Lobstein syndrome. Her former husband left her after Sarah was diagnosed as she’s struggling to make ends meet before being offered bribes.

After Cragen's arrest for Carissa's murder, Detective Benson met Paula outside Cragen's apartment and told her that she knew Cragen was innocent. Paula eventually showed up at the Special Victims Unit precinct and told the detectives not to speak to anyone about the investigation. She then questioned Cragen and the detectives about Carissa, Delia, and Bart Ganzel. She also questioned Detective Amaro about his relationship with Carissa when Brian Cassidy brought it to light. (SVU: "Lost Reputation")

Benson soon discovered that Paula was in fact playing a huge part in framing Cragen for the murder and confronted her at the park while Sarah was having mobility therapy. Benson then arrested Paula out of Sarah's view so as to not upset Sarah. She was imprisoned for her role in framing Cragen. (SVU: "Above Suspicion")

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