Perry Gilbert
Name Perry Gilbert
Pathology Assailant
Family Barbara Gilbert (mother)
Status Institutionalized
Actor Chloe Csengery
First Appearance "Glasgowman's Wrath"

Perry Gilbert is a psychotic youth who, along with her friend Mia and Mia's sister Zoe, went into the woods, where she stabbed Zoe.


Perry took her friend Mia and Mia's sister Zoe into the woods, looking for Glasgowman, a legend told in a tale by her babysitter. Later, Perry stabbed Zoe in order to become a "proxy" and to live in Glasgowman's mansion. Mia and Perry then followed a stray cat, who Perry believed was Glasgowman in the form of a cat. She later believed that the cat's eyes told her to murder Mia. Perry, thinking the cat was trying to make a hypnotic connection, couldn't take it and stabbed the cat, not wanting to hurt her friend.

Perry and Mia are later found in an abandoned gatehouse by Detective Rollins and Carisi and are taken to hospital. There, Perry tells the SVU that Charlie, a homeless man who is the prime suspect of the case, stabbed Zoe. However, the prints on the knife found at the gatehouse are Perry's and Benson orders for Mia and Perry to come in, while she calls Corporation Counsel. Perry later admitted to what she did, hysterically, scaring her mother. The SVU talk to ADA Pippa Cox who has been observing the whole interrogation. Cox doesn't believe that Perry is competent to stand trial, but the detectives insist that Perry's behavior was not like the interrogation before she knew that the detectives suspected her of the crime. Cox orders a psychiatric evaluation.

Later in family court, Cox asks Perry if she knew that stabbing Zoe was wrong. Perry hotly says that the police were wrong in rescuing her and Mia and that the world is an unbalanced place now. Cox asks for a yes or a no to her previous question, but Perry hysterically claims that Cox doesn't get it. She claims that Glasgowman's partners from the other realms will come back to seek vengeance and that everyone will die. Judge Ruth Linden stops the questioning and says she is ready to make her ruling. She sentences Perry to a psychiatric center, where she must stay until she is no longer a danger to herself or others. (SVU: "Glasgowman's Wrath")

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