Law and Order
Law and Order
Pete Breslin
Name Pete Breslin
Title Officer
Affiliation NYPD
Occupation Police officer
Pathology Double assailant
Child abuser
Family Lily (ex-wife)
Luke Breslin (son)
Status Alive
Actor Noah Emmerich
First Appearance "Ripped"

Pete Breslin is a police officer who used to be Elliot Stabler's partner before Olivia Benson.


Pete was separated from his wife Lily who moved to Michigan six years ago.Since then, Pete had raised their son Luke, who was a star-pitcher for his high school baseball team, by himself. It was revealed that he had been abusing Luke in order for him to achieve things. When Luke is sent to court for assaulting his best friend, Pete is informed that Luke had started using steroids for a short time, and as a result, he attempts to beat Luke to death in a bathroom. He then attacks Stabler before being subdued by him.

A few days later, when Stabler goes over to his house to apologize, he discovers that Luke had shot Pete, grazing him in the head, before fleeing. He was rushed to a hospital, where he recovered. Stabler discovered that Pete was on steroids, meaning he attacked Luke in a drug fueled rage. Stabler brought in Luke, who had been at his friend's house and threatening to commit suicide when Stabler explained that Pete was still alive. Pete and Luke then shared a hug afterwards. (SVU: "Ripped")