Peter (Friending Emily)
Name Peter
Affiliation Tau Omega Fraternity
Pathology Pedophile
Child pornographer
Child molester
Serial kidnapper
Status Imprisoned
Actor Chris Coy
First Appearance "Friending Emily"

Peter is a high-tech pedophile who kidnapped six girls and used them to produce child pornography on the Internet.


While attending Tompkins Square University, Peter became a member of the Tau Omega Fraternity. After he graduated, he would show up at parties and bring alcohol and drugs for the other fraternity members. When he began making child porn for unknown reasons, he first kidnapped a girl named Jane Kalreiss. While she was with him, Peter manipulated Kalreiss into thinking that her family didn't care for her and wasn't looking for her - to the point of making her believe that her family hadn't even bothered to report her missing - which caused her to bond with him. When Kalreiss became too old to make videos, Peter allowed her to stay with him. Every year, Peter and Kalreiss would kidnap a young girl and use them to make child porn. After the girls got too old, Peter would release them. As a result of the sexual abuse they suffered, they would turn to drugs or become Prostitutes.

One night, while at a fraternity party, Peter meets a fourteen-year-old girl named Emily Culphers, who was attending the party with her sister Taylor, and later kidnaps her. When Detectives Benson and Amaro follow Kalreiss to a house and arrest her for helping Peter kidnap Culphers, they go inside the house but discover that it was only a decoy. Peter then appears on a live-stream and Amaro tries to distract him by talking to him while Benson and the other detectives try to discover where he is hiding. While chatting with Amaro, Peter claims that he never hurt any of the girls he used to make his videos, that Emily's family is irresponsible, and that he saved her. Ironically, the same technology which had so long been his best weapon would also be his downfall: at the same time, Jane had been freed from Peter's hold thanks to another live-stream in which she saw the family she believed to be indifferent burst into tears upon seeing her alive - realizing the truth behind Peter's lies, she quickly revealed his location. After turning the computer off, Peter is about to sexually assault Culphers when Detectives Rollins and Fin barge in, save Culphers, and arrest Peter for first-degree kidnapping and wrongful imprisonment. (SVU: "Friending Emily")

Known Victims

  • Jane Kalreiss
  • Unnamed girl
  • Beth Marks
  • Lizza
  • Katrine Kearns
  • Emily Culphers
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