Peter Bellingham
Peter Bellingham.jpg
Name Peter Bellingham
Title Representative
Park Slope Pete
Affiliation U.S. House of Representatives
Occupation Congressman
Pathology Murder facilitator
Status Imprisoned
Actor Bruce McGill
First Appearance "Wasichu"

Representative Peter Bellingham was a Congressman from New York. He was known as "Park Slope Pete".

History[edit | edit source]

He was an important member of a Congressional committee with jurisdiction over Indian gambling projects. For this reason, he was often taken on "fact-finding" trips to exotic destinations with casinos, such as Macau and London.

He was arrested after the discovery that he had ordered Ted Bruno to go to the home of Paula Kendall, a Secret Service agent who was married to Jay Kendall a lobbyist of his, to find evidence that the Service was investigating him for corruption. Bruno killed Kendall when she entered the house while he was there, making Bellingham a conspirator. He tries to hide it by asking Jay to produce Bruno's fake alibi, however the man is eventually persuaded to wear a hidden microphone which records Bellingham confession as he is arrested. (CI: "Wasichu")

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