Peter Butler
Name Peter Butler
Occupation Stockbroker
Pathology Serial assailant
Family Unnamed mother (deceased)
Dewey Butler (grandfather)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Brian Geraghty
First Appearance "Quickie"

Peter Butler is a wealthy, HIV-positive stockbroker who intentionally infected women with the virus by sleeping with them without protection.


Peter hated women because he believed, incorrectly, that his mother abandoned him when he was a baby. She in fact died in prison after murdering her boyfriend, who had been abusing both of them. After his mother's death, he was raised by his grandfather Dewey.

One of his victims, Rebecca Ellison, reports him to the Special Victims Unit detectives, who arrest him with assault. During the ensuing trial, Rebecca sprays hydrochloric acid in his face, disfiguring him. Peter presses charges, and ADA Alexandra Cabot is forced to prosecute her for assault.

Shortly afterward, Dewey disinherits Peter, puts his money into a trust fund for Peter's victims, and hacks his FaceUnion profile to post a warning that Peter has HIV and is intentionally spreading it; he then takes a lethal overdose of sleeping pills. With his dying breath, Dewey tells Peter the truth about his mother, and urges him to take responsibility for his crimes. To atone, Peter pleads guilty to intentionally spreading AIDS and drops the charges against Rebecca. (SVU: "Quickie")

Known Victims

  • Unknown dates:
  • Unknown date in 2007: Rebecca Ellison's unnamed rapist (indirectly infected after he raped Rebecca)
  • 2009:
    • November 16: Anna McWilliams
    • November 17-19: Detective Olivia Benson (attempted to infect by spitting at her)
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