Peter Nestler
Name Peter Nestler
Title The Honey Rapist
Occupation Fisherman
Pathology Pedophile
Double rapist
Double statutory rapist
Status Executed
Actor Alexander Tufel
First Appearance "Serendipity"

Peter Nestler (alias "The Honey Rapist") was a pedophile and a prime suspect in the rape of two young girls. He would lure them in to secluded locations with the promise of candy, then put honey on his penis and force them to lick it off before raping them.


In his personal life, Nestler was a fisherman and had an obsession with honey. His case came to the attention of SVU detectives after Dr. Archibald Newlands used the former's blood to beat a paternity test that would have implicated the doctor in the murders of his mistress and their newborn daughter. Thinking that he was in the clear, Nestler shot and killed Newlands to close the case, and set off to find another victim.

He soon kidnapped a girl and hid her in a cooler as he went to his boat, planning to rape the girl once they were out of sight. However, Detectives Stabler and Benson, along with A.D.A. Novak, managed to discover Newlands' innocence in the rapes and Nestler's true identity as the "Honey Rapist". They tracked Nestler down and rescued the girl, and Nestler was arrested after Stabler almost drowned him.

Nestler was later convicted on rape, kidnapping, and murder charges and was executed. (SVU: Serendipity)

Known Victims

  • Unknown date in 1998, Paramus, New Jersey: Molly Stratton (raped)
  • 2003:
    • August, the Bronx, New York: Alicia Hahn (raped)
    • October 14, Manhattan, New York:
      • Dr. Archibald Newlands (his patsy; shot in the back of the head execution-style)
      • Courtney Jones (kidnapped and intended to rape; was rescued)
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