Law and Order
Law and Order
Peter Scanavino
Dominick Carisi, Jr., Johnny Dubcek, Jim Anderson, Johnny Feist
Date of birth
29 February 1980
Place of birth
Denver, Colorado, USA
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Peter Scanavino (born February 29, 1980, in Denver, Colorado) is an American actor currently starring as A.D.A. Dominick Carisi, Jr., in the long-running criminal drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Before joining the main cast, Scanavino appeared as murder suspect Johnny Dubcek in the SVU Season 14 episode "Monster's Legacy". He also appeared as Jim Anderson in the Law & Order season 20 episode "Just a Girl in the World", Johnny Feist in the Law & Order: Criminal Intent season 5 episode "Diamond Dogs", and an unnamed character in the Law & Order: Trial by Jury episode "Boys Will Be Boys".


  • He and his wife Lisha Bai have three children.
  • Scanavino is the brother of artist David Scanavino.
  • His family always supported the arts when he was growing up, and viewed the arts with high acclaim.
  • He took a break from acting to pursue the culinary arts but ultimately returned to acting.
  • He briefly attended college in Boston before dropping out after one year to move to NYC.
  • The role of Carisi was written for Scanavino. Warren Leight was impressed by him after working together on an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent in 2005, and he wanted to create a recurring role for the actor.
  • He decided to move to NYC after reading numerous books about the arts movements, theatre, and Marlon Brando.
  • He was in the Broadway production of Shining City.