CI, Episode 1.16
Production number: E2116
First aired: 17 March 2002
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Gerry Rankin
Teleplay By
Marlane Gomard Meyer

Story By
Marlane Gomard Meyer & René Balcer

Directed By
Juan J. Campanella

A paroled bank robber is killed two days after he gets out of Sing Sing, and the case puts Goren and Eames on the trail of a nonexistent man.


Gerry Rankin has been living a double life for sixteen years. He's been pretending to be an economist for the UN when in reality, he killed his father-in-law.


Frank Caspari is just out of prison after six years. He asks the landlord of his old girlfriend's apartment where she is. The landlord tells him she moved out to be closer to her workplace and that she got a fancy blue and gold jewelry box delivery the other day. He gets a haircut and asks if the barber knows what shop has the fancy blue and gold jewelry boxes.

Charlotte Fielding comes out from her work and hails a cab. Frank Caspari is seen watching her.

Charlotte is having dinner with one Gerry Rankin. She asks him if he's thought about taking their relationship to the next level (getting intimate) but he replies that she knows how he feels about her but considers sex a sacrament of marriage. He makes the excuse that he has a get together to attend with business colleagues. She insists she'll go with him because she wants to meet his friends. Gerry drops her off at her apartment to change. As she's walking across the street to the apartment, Frank Caspari jumps into the car and surprises Gerry, holding a knife to his throat and tells him to drive. When Charlotte comes back out, she's confused and disappointed that Gerry is nowhere to be found.

Elsewhere, Frank Caspari's body is discovered by gardeners.

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Goren and Eames are examining Caspari's body in the morgue as well as his case file. He was stabbed multiple times with his own knife.


Main cast

Guest cast


Annan, Kofi; Harvard University; Sing Sing; Summers, Lawrence; United Nations; Caspari, Cookie; Mkunga Conference


Robert Goren: One thing this line of work teaches us is that guys will do anything for love.
Alexandra Eames: And money.

Robert Goren: That's what I live for, Valdez, to make your life easier.
Detective Valdez: I take it you'll be by later to wash my car?

Alexandra Eames: The only money I got from my family was the 50 bucks my dad gave me for my prom dress.
Robert Goren: Is that the same year you were selling apples outside city hall?
Alexandra Eames: It was matchsticks, and it was snowing.

Charlotte Fielding: I want to know how you got my pager number.
Alexandra Eames: It's just one of those things we get to do when we're investigating a murder.

Alexandra Eames: Ready?
Robert Goren: Yeah. Let's play.

"You played me. Good cop, bad cop. I shoulda remembered. All cops are bad cops."
Charlotte Fielding, briefly reverting back to Cookie Caspari

"You're a hero, Gerry. You did what heroes do. You played the hand you were dealt."
Robert Goren, attempting to talk Gerry out of murdering his kids.

Background information and notes

  • This episode shares some similarities with the Jean-Claude Romand case. Romand was a French impostor and murderer who pretended to be a medical doctor. He killed his family when he was about to be exposed. Romand fooled his family and friends for 18 years; they thought he was a successful medical professional and researcher in the World Health Organization. He managed to give an impression that he had researched arteriosclerosis and he had contacts with political figures. His trial began on 25 June 1996, and on 6 July 1996 he was sentenced to life imprisonment. (Source: Jean-Claude Romand at Wikipedia) In the episode, Gerry Rankin has a double life while telling his family that he is an economist for the United Nations. As his world of lies unravels, murder seems to be his only way out.
  • The script from "Phantom" was used for the Paris enquêtes criminelles pilot episode "Fantôme".

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