Law and Order

Phoebe Baker is a sergeant with Manhattan South Vice Squad.


She formerly married to another cop but their marriage fell through. She later worked in Narcotics with Detective Tutuola. She was also in a romantic relationship with him, which occurred after his divorce with his wife. Eventually, however, they broke up due to trust issues on Tutuola's behalf.


Phoebe assisted the Special Victims Unit with the investigation of the death of a prostitute working in a pop-up brothel that was a front for a sex trafficking ring. Tutuola believed Phoebe was involved with the ring when an attempted sting operation was exposed while she was absent. She was offended and defended her innocence. It was soon revealed that Judge Edward Kofax was responsible for alerting the ring to the investigation. When the case was finished, Tutuola apologized for accusing her, and she accepted. Tutuola then asked Phoebe out on a date, but she declined, saying she was seeing someone else now, but she assured him that she did not know if it was serious. (SVU: "Brothel")

Phoebe broke up with her boyfriend and started dating Tutuola in 2020 after they reunited. Tutuola told Benson that the best thing to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic was Phoebe. (SVU: "Ballad Of Dwight and Irena")

Tutuola told Benson that he planned to propose to Phoebe, but he was scared that she would say no. Benson calmed Tutuola's nerves by telling him what a great person he was. He attempted to propose on New Years Eve 2020, but it was cut short when he got a call regarding a case. Later, Tutuola successfully proposed to Phoebe, and she accepted, which he revealed to Carisi, Rollins, and Tamin. He then left to meet up with Phoebe. (SVU: "Sightless in a Savage Land")

Both she and Fin had decided to invite friends and family to their wedding, only to cancel it last minute. They, however, decided to remain a couple. (SVU: "Wolves In Sheep's Clothing")