Phoebe Bernap
Phoebe Bernap
Name Phoebe Bernap
Occupation Teacher
Pathology Serial statutory rapist
Serial harasser
Family David Faulkner (husband)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Kelli Barrett
First Appearance "Catfishing Teacher"

Phoebe Bernap was a schoolteacher and pedophile, who became a suspect in the kidnapping of Zach Foster.

Bernap had worked in four different schools before her current workplace. She had been having an exceeding amount of sexual contact with her teenage students, and even when she worked with third graders. After she was interrogated by the detectives regarding Zach, she denied having any contact with him. However, she was put on trial for having sex with Travis Barstow and Jordan Messina, and was later imprisoned. (SVU: "Catfishing Teacher")

Known Victims

  • Unknown dates and locations: Numerous unnamed boys (raped and/or committed statutory rape with)
  • Unknown dates, New York City, New York:
    • Travis Barstow (committed consensual statutory rape with)
    • Jordan Messina (committed consensual statutory rape with)
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