Law and Order
CI, Episode 6.17
Production number: 06018
First aired: 27 March 2007
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Teleplay By
Peter Blauner

Story By
Peter Blauner & Warren Leight

Directed By
Tom DiCillo


Detectives Logan and Wheeler investigate the murder of a judge's son, found shot to death, shortly after a notorious rap artist is sentenced in court. At first, the detectives turn their suspicion to the musician's environment, but soon realize the crime may have more to do with the victim's close relationships, including a son of the judge's best friend, only to establish that somebody that they put away may have had him killed for revenge. Meanwhile, Wheeler learns that her long-lost father may still be alive, and that he could be involved in some shady business practices.


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Ross: So, first we have the court officer who saved the drowning homeless man? Then we got these two guys who claim the judge's Mercedes was gift-wrapped and left in the street for them. Is it just me or are we seeing a serious decline in the quality of alibis?
Logan: Do yourself a favor, Flaherty and don't tell Twitch we're looking for him.
Seamus Flaherty: You have my word.
Logan: Somehow that doesn't comfort me.
Wheeler: Mrs. Wilcox, Colin's best chance here is to help himself.
Margaret Wilcox: Don't you try to play me, detective! You got a lawyer's son, a businessman's daughter and my son. Probably took you all of three seconds to figure out who to put the pressure on.
Logan: Not even two, Mrs. Wilcox.

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