"Playing Dead"
CI, Episode 8.01
Production number:
First aired: 19 April 2009
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Written By
Antoinette Stella

Directed By
Michael Smith


In the Season 8 opener, Goren and Eames investigate the shooting of Councilman Neil Hayes-Fitzgerald's beautiful stepdaughter Stacy and her boyfriend Rick. Stacy survives by playing dead under Rick's dead body. The drug-addicted pair were involved in a blackmail scheme targeting Stacy's stepfather.

It is eventually revealed that Neil had been molesting Stacy for years, and that he is grooming the babysitter as a potential next victim. The final twist is that Stacy's young sister is actually her daughter by Neil.


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Siena; Italy; St. Lioba's Children's Shelter; Dalecrest High School; Tammany Ward Heeler; Bellevue Hospital Center


Stacey Hayes-Fitzgerald: I can't do it. I'm too ashamed.
Robert Goren: No, no. The shame will be all his.

(Camille has admitted to hiring Di Roggia to kill Rick Siebert)
Neil Hayes-Fitzgerald: I honestly have no idea what she's talking about!
Camille Hayes-Fitzgerald: (scoffs) Of course not. You think you just got lucky. One more time that everything just seemed to work out for you.

Background information and notes

  • Season 8 was originally supposed to open with "Faithfully", but for unknown reasons, this episode was aired first.

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