"Point of View"
L&O, Episode 3.09
Production number: 68012
First aired: 25 November 1992
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Cerreta's Point of View
Written By
René Balcer & Walon Green

Directed By
Gilbert Moses

A woman claims she killed a man in self-defense because he was going to rape her. Detective Lennie Briscoe joins the 27th Precinct.


A man, Thomas Duff, is found shot to death outside of PJ Smyth's Pub. Logan works with Detective Briscoe on the case, as Cerreta is still recovering from being shot.

Briscoe and Logan uncover that Duff was a bagman for mobster Jimmie Scanlon. They believe the case fits a mob hit.

The woman he was seen fooling around with inside the bar, Mary Kostrinski, is arrested and charged with murder. She alleges that Duff followed her after she left the bar and attempted to rape her and she shot him in self-defense.

Robinette learns that Kostrinski was given $30,000 by Scanlon. Kostrinski confesses to shooting Duff on the orders of Scanlon. She owed him a favor after he killed her abusive husband. Scanlon is arrested for murder.

Initially, Logan acts hostile towards Briscoe during the case, as he believes that Cerreta will be back on the job soon. However, Cerreta tells Logan that he is transferring to an administrative job at another precinct after he completes his recovery. Though Logan is disappointed over losing another partner so soon, he comes to accept Briscoe as his new partner.


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It walks and quacks like a mob hit.

–Lennie Briscoe

I cannot and I will not perpetrate a fraud on the court. It's unethical and illegal. I'm not going to put you on the stand tomorrow, Mary, and I am not going to make a closing argument. And the jury is going to wonder why.

–Lanie Stieglitz

You've got the flaw of most basically honest people. You're a lousy liar.

–Lennie Briscoe

I love a tall man with a halo.

–Lanie Stieglitz

Mike Logan: What am I supposed to do, stare at my linguine while you clip him for meals?
Lennie Briscoe: Hey, he thinks I'm corrupt, so he trusts me, all right? Say hi to Phil.

Don Cragen: I mean, I’m thinking back to when Phil came on. It’s not always love at first sight with you.
Mike Logan: Look, I can handle it. I just wanna know for how long?
Don Cragen: I wanna know how long is my mother-in-law gonna live with us. I don’t know, but I'm learning to enjoy her pot roast.

Ben Stone: I'm doing you a favor, Lanie. I could have brought this out in court.
Lanie Stieglitz: But then you wouldn't get the chance to squeeze me into God's little acre. East of the rock and west of the hard place.

Jimmy Scanlon: If you can read, take a look at that wall. There's citations there from every office in this city. Now the only bags that are carried for me are for charities which I support.
Mike Logan: Just like Santa.
Jimmy Scanlon: Yeah. Yeah, just like Santa. And Tommy Duff wasn't one of my elves.

Mary Kostrinski: John Kostrinski routinely took out the problems of the world on my face. Scanlon ran the docks with my father. When I told him the story, he took pity on me.
Ben Stone: Your husband was killed in a work accident.
Mary Kostrinski: You know the Church and divorce.

Ben, either you give me parole or I give you the biggest headache since Susan B. Anthony asked to vote.

–Lanie Stieglitz

[Briscoe and Logan enter Scanlon's office; Scanlon is on the phone]
Scanlon: I just haven't seen any real money yet. [to the detectives] Hey, hey, guys, come on, now. I'm busy here!
Briscoe: [takes the phone] He'll call you back in 25 years. [hangs up]
Scanlon: What is this?!
Logan: You wanna put your hands behind you, sir?
Scanlon: What are you doin'?!
[Logan slaps the cuffs on him]
Briscoe: James Scanlon, you're under arrest for the murder of Thomas Duff.
Scanlon: [to his secretary] Call the lawyers!
Logan: Good move. You're gonna need one.
Briscoe: Yeah, and don't tell his wife to keep dinner warm for him. All right?
Logan: And she shouldn't wait up to tuck him in, either.

Background information and notes

Logan Briscoe Point of View

At the end of this episode, Mike Logan starts to accept his new partner, Lennie Briscoe.

  • Dr. Elizabeth Olivet's rape in the episode "Helpless" comes back to haunt her, and threatens her good judgement in this episode.

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Scanlon Trucking
343 11th Avenue
Friday, September 25

Barnett & Barnett
Accounting Farm
299 Park Avenue
Monday, September 28

27th Precinct
Wednesday, September 29

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District Attorney's
Conference Room
Tuesday, October 13

Supreme Court
Trial Part 58
Monday, November 18

Supreme Court
Trial Part 58
Thursday, November 19

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