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This page is about the Criminal Intent episode. For the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode of the same name, see "Poison (SVU)".
CI, Episode 1.07
Production number: E2108
First aired: 11 November 2001
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Written By
Stephanie Sengupta

Directed By
Gloria Muzio

Detectives Goren and Eames investigate an "angel of death" who poisons victims within a hospital.


The detectives investigate a murderer who poisons hospital victims with cyanide. They suspect a nurse whose profile is typical, but when they discover more murders away from the hospital they have to widen their search.


Main cast

Guest cast


  • 27th Precinct
  • Bellmore General Hospital
  • Berkowitz, Aaron
  • Cassadine, Susan
  • Cutie Bear
  • Cyanide
  • King, Jeanine
  • Macy
  • Malloy, George
  • Necedrol
  • New York Ledger
  • People vs. Lewis
  • Pomeranski, Leonard
  • Oklahoma
  • Wong, Winnette
  • Westbury


Robert Goren: C'mon, you have the grand jury eating out of your hand. I'll bet you could indict that clock.

Ron Carver: The evidence passed muster with the grand jury.
Lawyer: Right. Was my client indicted before or after the ham sandwich?

Robert Goren: What about the great American pastime?
Alexandra Eames: Which one, dieting or cheating on your taxes?
Robert Goren: Suing.

Alexandra Eames: For once, I was really hoping you were wrong.

Alexandra Eames: The FDA analyzed the cyanide. it's all from the same batch, but they're still trying to get a line on where it came from.
Robert Goren: I put out the word to my own sources.
James Deakins: What sources?
Robert Goren: Watchdog groups who keep track of shipments of dangerous chemicals.
Alexandra Eames: Tree-huggers.

Lawyer: You think this old lady with one-and-a-half lungs ran around the hospital like a tooth fairy from hell?

Ron Carver: From a wink to a nod to an indictment.

Robert Goren: Cutie Bear is going to become "Cyanide Bear" to most people.

Background information and notes

The letter from Trudy Pomeranski addressed to the New York Ledger.

  • The episode title, "Poison", refers to the method of murder used by this episode's killer to achieve her goals. This title is also used for the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit season five episode "Poison (SVU)".
  • A key element of this episode seems to have been based on the Excedrin tampering murders of 1986, carried out by Stella Nickell and the 1982 Chicago Tylenol murders, for which the perpetrator was never caught. Trudy Pomeranski tampered with several bottles of the fictional painkiller "Necedrol" in order to murder her husband. Similarly to Stella Nickell, she did it for insurance money with which to open a children's clothing store.
  • The address on the envelope sent to the New York Ledger is 208 South Street, in ZIP code 10001. However the real address should be in ZIP code 10002. NY 10001 is a non-existent address.
  • Law & Order cast members Jerry Orbach and Jesse L. Martin make a crossover appearance when Detectives Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames discuss similar deaths in the area with them. This was the only appearance of either Lennie Briscoe or Ed Green on Criminal Intent.
  • The script from "Poison" was used for the Paris Enquêtes Criminelles first season episode "L'Ange de la mort".
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