Law and Order
"Poisoned Motive"
SVU, Episode 14.22
Production number: 14022
First aired (US): 8 May 2013
First aired (UK): 28 May 2013
First aired (CAN): 8 May 2013
First aired (AUS): 13 June 2013
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Teleplay By
Julie Martin & Ed Zuckerman

Story By
Warren Leight

Directed By
Arthur W. Forney

Lieutenant Alexandra Eames returns to help the Special Victims Unit when a string of shootings is linked to Fin's past as a narcotics officer.


Two surprise sniper attacks on the NYPD leave the SVU squad scrambling for answers. When the link between the shootings appears to be Detective Tutuola, he reconnects with his former Narcotics partner in order to uncover a possible motive tied to their old cases. As the violence continues, Lieutenant Eames joins the investigation and the Special Victims Unit races to hunt down a killer no one saw coming.


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Cragen: "Don't go Amaro on me."

Background Information and Notes

  • Fin had mentioned that a former partner of his took a bullet that was meant for him first in the season 2 episode "Manhunt". That partner is introduced as Luis Montero in this episode.

Episode scene cards

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Emergency Room
Brooklyn Mercy Hospital
197 Kent Avenue
Friday, April 12

Apartment of
Luis Montero
Whitfield Commons
84 36th Avenue, Queens
Saturday, April 13

Attica State Prison
Saturday, April 13

Sukey Tawdry Lounge
115 Baxter Street
Sunday, April 14

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"Poisoned Motive"
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