Law and Order
Law and Order
CI, Episode 3.05
Production number: E4509
First aired: 26 October 2003
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Teleplay By
Warren Leight

Story By
Warren Leight & René Balcer

Directed By
Alex Zakrzewski


Suspects in the murder of a reporter's girlfriend include an editor, a writer, and his father. It's revealed the victim's boyfriend plagiarized all of his own work. When his father Roy Hines, himself a journalist who fought in the civil rights movement, discovered the truth, he was so ashamed that he went to his son's apartment to kill him and then himself. The plan failed when his son's girlfriend awakened, and Roy killed her in a panic.


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Detective: Mr. Hines says the door was locked? You two don't take notes?
Robert Goren: Uh, we haven't worked that out yet.
Bishop: So you know, I did not enjoy that.
Goren: No? Eames would've.
If you were showing me how to turn a friendly witness into a hostile one, you succeeded.

–G. Lynn Bishop

Ben Elkins: Katya's murder is being used not just to smear Carl and me, but to attack the Sentinel's commitment to diversity in its hiring policies.
Ron Carver: Mr. Elkins, do not play that card with me! Only a racist would turn this into a referendum on affirmative action.
You working for the defense now?

–Ron Carver, after Goren torpedoes the case against a suspect.

Background information and notes[]

  • This is actress Samantha Buck's first appearance as Detective G. Lynn Bishop. Buck was brought in for seven episodes to replace Kathryn Erbe, who was on maternity leave leading up to and following the birth of her son Carson.
  • The title of this episode "Pravda" is clearly a word play rooted in the name of the leading newspaper of the Soviet Union from 1912 through 1991, which is also a term for the "truth".
  • Interestingly, this episode revealed many resemblances with the case of Jayson Blair, a staff reporter for the New York Times for nearly four years, who was forced to resign in May 2003 after he committed frequent acts of journalistic fraud.
    • The Law & Order episode "Bounty" (which also came out in 2003) also takes inspiration from the Jayson Blair case.

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The New York Sentinel
Photo Desk
150 East 43rd Street
Tuesday, September 16

Home of
Roy Hines
Forest Hill, New York
Friday, September 19

Quatre Saisons
55 East 57th Street
Tuesday, September 23

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