CI, Episode 5.03
Production number: 05003
First aired: 9 October 2005
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Jenny Hendry
Teleplay By
Gina Gionfriddo

Story By
Gina Gionfriddo & René Balcer

Directed By
Rick Wallace


A prison warden William Hendry claims he was brutalized and forced to pay a $50,000 ransom for his long-kidnapped wife, but Detectives Goren and Eames are puzzled when they discover that the missing woman has been happily cohabiting with an escaped prisoner for 10 years. Amid a backwash of lingering secrets and lies, the investigators re-visit the warden's past and recall a famous axiom - follow the money.


Main cast

Guest cast


Staten Island; Short Term Solutions; Roger Stern; Scott Borman



Background information and notes

  • When Goren and Eames are posing as doctors, they introduce themselves to Vic Bowman as Dr. Stern and Dr. Borman. Stern and Borman were a pair of doctors whom Goren and Eames investigated for waging biological warfare on their ex-girlfriends. (CI: "Zoonotic")
  • This episode is inspired in part by the escape of convicted murderer Randolph Franklin Dial with the help of the then-deputy warden's wife Bobbi Parker. Unlike Jenny Hendry, however, Parker was convicted of assisting Dial's escape.

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