L&O, Episode 5.18
Production number: 69418
First aired: 5 April 1995
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McCoy Kincaid Privileged
Written By
Suzanne O'Malley

Directed By
Vince Misiano


After a couple is slain, the investigation leads to a young alcoholic who has admitted to having nightmares about the killings.


Main cast

Recurring cast

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Logan: Latent ran that bloody thumbprint against everyone known to have been in that house in the past year. They got nothing.
Van Buren: You run it against the short list of enemies?
Logan: The Lerners don't have enemies.
Briscoe: These people were saints. The only guy they ever screwed thinks they did him a favor.

Background information and notes

  • This episode is based on the Paul Cox case. Cox confessed to a four-year-old double homicide during an AA meeting, then apparently forgot about it until he began having vivid dreams about the murders.

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Forensics Laboratory
Friday, February 24

Lerner Advertising Agency
43 Madison Avenue
Tuesday, February 28

Home of
Mr. & Mrs. David Lerner
213 Charles Street
Thursday, March 2

4 5 6

Hit Factory
Recording Studio
421 West 54th Street
Monday, March 6

Eastern College
Of New York
Thursday, March 9

Supreme Court bldg.
Wednesday, March 15

7 8 9

Supreme Court
Motion Hearing
Thursday, April 6

Apartment of
Mr. & Mrs. Warren Bartlett
64 Park Avenue
Wednesday, April 12

Office of
Dr. Alvin Eidler
65 First Street
Tuesday, April 18

10 11

Supreme Court
Trial Part 45
Monday, May 15

Supreme Court
Trial Part 45
Tuesday, May 23

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