"Publish and Perish"
L&O, Episode 15.21
Production number: E5328
First aired: 20 April 2005
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Irving Hawes
Written By
Tom Szentgyorgyi

Directed By
Constantine Makris




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Recurring cast

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(Arnie McClaren has just withdrawn his name for consideration for being Director of Domestic Security)
McCoy: (to Borgia) I don't know about you, but I feel safer already.

Background information and notes

  • Another Bernard Kerik storyline, taken alongside Criminal Intent's My Good Name.
  • Goof: Larry Sherman is credited as "Judge Irving Hawes" but his character's nameplate shows his name as "Colin Fraser".

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

WZPZ Radio
129 East 43rd Street
Wednesday, March 17

Office of
Helen DeVries
1621 Broadway
Thursday, March 18

Home of
Helen DeVries
Dobbs Ferry, Westchester
Monday, March 22

4 5 6

Chambers of
Judge Hugo Bright
Wednesday, March 24

33 Hudson Street
Wednesday, March 24

Apartment of
Terry Stratton
161 Bleecher Street
Friday, March 26

7 8 9

One Police Plaza
Thursday, April 1

Supreme Court
Trial Part 46
Monday, April 26

Supreme Court
Trial Part 46
Tuesday, April 27

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