CI, Episode 7.11
Production number: CI7011
First aired: 8 June 2008
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Teleplay By
Siobhan Byrne

Story By
Siobhan Byrne & Warren Leight

Directed By
Jesus S. Treviño

Plot[edit | edit source]

Goren, not working due to his suspension from the force (Untethered), finds himself in a bar where other ex-officers hang out. While there, he runs into a former officer whom he exposed as a liar (Amends) and lost his pension as a result. This leads to an altercation broken up by another former officer, who later approaches Goren about working for him, which he accepts.

Separately, Eames is investigating the same ex-officer for illegal activities also involving current officers and bribes. When raiding an office, she is shocked to find herself and Goren pointing guns at each other. She later becomes angry to find out that Goren, without telling her, had accepted an undercover assignment from the Chief of Detectives to investigate the same group as a way to get reinstated with Major Case.

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