SVU, Episode 12.17
Production number: 12017
First aired: 16 February 2011
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Paxton Alicia Harding and Benson
Written By
Judith McCreary

Directed By
Jonathan Kaplan


When Alicia Harding, host of the television series Neighborhood Predator, begins to receive personal threats, her lifelong pursuit to find her sister's abductor emerges. Detectives Olivia Benson and Odafin "Fin" Tutola are joined in the investigation by ADA Sonya Paxton, who may be too involved in the case. As Harding thinks she is getting close to the truth, another life hangs in the balance.


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Stabler: Do you want me to cut my visit short?
Benson: No, no, I'm covered, I'm good.
Stabler: Well Fin may have your six, but he's definitely not me.
Tutuola: No I'm better. I actually watch her back, not her backside. See ya.

Benson: I'm so glad that you're back.
Stabler: I should have come back sooner.
Benson: I'm fine...
Stabler: Like hell you are.

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Apartment of
Alicia Harding
754 West End Avenue
Monday, February 7

Office of
Neighborhood Predator
1596 Broadway Tuesday, February 8

Apartment of
Donny Spencer
322 Christopher Street
Tuesday, February 8

Saint Avila Church
88 East 23rd Street
Wednesday, February 9

Rikers Island
Interview Room
Friday, February 11

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Season 12
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