Qaadar Khaleel
Name Qaadar Khaleel
Affiliation United States Special Forces
Occupation Drug Lord
Pathology Proxy mass murderer
Proxy drug dealer
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Christopher Maher
First Appearance "Enemy"

Qaadar Khaleel was an Afghani tribal leader and drug lord.


Approached by Captain Clark Wallace on behalf of the United States Army to provide aid in controlling the Paktika Province, he became a valuable ally in the War on Terror who helped the US to gain intelligence on the heroin trade in his home country and was rewarded with money and weapons. However, he used the gifts given to him to build up a drug cartel that managed to smuggle heroin into Europe and the United States.

In 2004, Khaleel joined forces with an Indian antiques dealer named Hydar Raheem, who was supposed to distribute Khaleel's heroin in New York City via his antiques shop. However, Raheem in turn attempted to form an alliance with a local dealer, Sammy Santiago, who would handle the actual business of selling the heroin. These efforts backfired when Santiago decided to take all the profits for himself.

Desperate to get the heroin back, Raheem hired an Albanian thug, Arten Bardha, to break into Santiago's apartment and retrieve the heroin by any means necessary. Bardha went overboard, killing several innocent bystanders and torturing Santiago to death. While investigating four girls who had overdosed after taking heroin purchased from Santiago, Detectives Green and Fontana learned of Santiago's murder and this led them all the way back to Raheem, who gave up Khaleel's name in order to get a lighter sentence. Raheem agreed to wear a wire during his next meeting with Khaleel, and thus Khaleel was implicated. Though Capt. Wallace tried to intervene, Khaleel was charged with the eight murders that resulted from the actions of his subordinates and convicted on all charges. (L&O: "Enemy")

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