Rachel Burns
Name Rachel Burns
Affiliation Margaret Fuller School
Occupation Student
Pathology Con artist
Family Allison Burns (mother)
Cooper Burns (brother)
Status On probation
Actor Kara Hayward
First Appearance "Dissonant Voices"

Rachel Burns is a teenage girl who, along with her best friend Brooke Allen, tried to frame their former music teacher Jackie Walker as a pedophile.


Rachel and Allen were students of Walker who had goals to become successful singers. When the season for a show called "American Diva" was coming up a Walker chose another one of his students named Grace and dropped Burns and Allen because they just were't talented enough. After this Burns and Allen were so angry they decided to get revenge by ruining Walker's reputation. They do this by coaching their younger brothers Cooper Burns and Jonah Allen to say that Walker molested them. Burns then buys egg shaped sex toys on the internet and gets their younger brother's DNA on them, then she plants them in Walker's class to make the accusations seem more real. After Jonah made the false accusations and after the sex toys she planted are found Burns gets her brother to make false accusations.

After Allen accused Walker of molesting her when she was young she tells Burns and when she is questioned by detectives Benson and Rollins she also tells them that Walker molested her and that she quit his class because of it, but before Benson is finished questioning her Rollins takes her to Cooper's room where they discover that he was coached to lie. When the detectives realize that the accusations were false they bring Burns and Allen in with their mothers. When detectives Benson and Amaro confront Burns with the evidence she eventually admits that Allen had the idea to ruin Walker for dropping them and told her and Cooper what to say much to her mother's shock. Because Burns and Allen refuse to testify against each other and because their brothers were damaged enough Barba allows Burns and Allen to take a plea where they only have to serve one year of parole. (SVU: "Dissonant Voices")

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